Saturday, June 4, 2011

What a waste of a day!!

Due to unforeseen circumstances I didn't get my Avon order today as planned. ARGH!!! Memorial day threw me right off!! Which completely messed up my day....oy!

Usually on Fridays I get to sleep in....not today....first of all Belle woke up at 6:15 and the proceeded to get her paw stuck somewhere in the crate...Howie was already getting up and getting dressed to take her out, but he moved a lil quicker once she started yelping. I tried going back to sleep but heard DJ get up, heard them talking (I'm supposed to be deaf here!!) and then heard Sam get up...finally I doze back to sleep and Howie's alarm goes off at 7...rotten I tell you, ROTTEN!! He came in shortly after that and woke me up once he was ready for work. blah!

It took a while for me to figure out my Avon wasn't coming today...made a  few calls, and tried to get my one client her sunscreen bug guard before she hops on a plane tomorrow morning at 7...oh I felt awful that I'd completely forgotten about the holiday delay! She was good about it tho...which was helpful! To avoid making a massive drive for one item, I did find one of my reps with it in her possession so she loaned it to me and dropped it off to Howie at work as her hubby works across the street...rather convenient!

The kids meanwhile were outside before 9...and I'd told them not to bother the neighbours, they did good that way and played with each other...the sun was out and it was glorious! The boys soon joined them and the 4 of them went everywhere! DJ wanted his lunch outside, but next door, and Sam wanted hers at the picnic table...I chose to have mine inside at the table.  Just before 2 I headed out grocery shopping...the kids had an option, stay behind and play or come with me...they both chose to stay...hahaha. So off I went with the music blaring!

Got my Freddy's run done, and the dollar store part and then did a bit of Avoning before heading home for 5...Belle had been in the crate for 3 hours, the longest yet other than nite time...and once I saw Sam in different pants, I knew they'd both been in the house, which probably tortured her. I was right, she was shaking when I got to her and had peed in the crate. Poor thing! I got her taken care of and then came in to put groceries away. The kids were still busy playing til I heard DJ come in and sigh at the bottom of the stairs. Then I got a phone call from Lara asking what happened that DJ came home. So we both went over there and had a chat about his attitude...he'd hurt K and then walked away when Mrs E asked him what happened....not kool! So we talked about it all and then she and I chatted a bit.

Dinner was left over sketti...and then pj time was right after that...they were both exhausted from 10 hours of playing outside. DJ got some pink on his shoulders, so I put some aloe on him before he got his pj top on, and then we all sat in the chair for a spell before they went to bed. DJ fell asleep while we were snuggling, and Sam almost did the same thing til she told me to get off her bed! Rascal!

I didn't get much time to do anything when Howie came home from work...I'd just finished loading the dishwasher when I heard Snickers' greeting bark. He got his dinner ready and I got ready to run the Avon over to my g/f on the other side of the valley...and had a great mini chat with her...then came home to relieve Howie of Belle duties. I swear she never pooped once outside today...not til tonite frustrating!!! I keep reminding myself she's only a puppy and she's only 9 weeks old...I need more sleep!!!!! lol

Which I'm going to do now! G'nite!

Til next time...God bless!

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