Thursday, June 9, 2011

All about tonite!!

This morning my five year old was not beside me was in fact my three year old!!! With her nose right up against mine!! Scared me silly too! As soon as DJ woke and came in the room tho, they were both up for the day.

This morning I  had plans to go to costco and do the shopping...but bagged it when I discovered we did in fact have a gallon of milk in the fridge and it wasn't a necessity! So instead, we stayed home and I puttered...more laundry, more dishes...typical stuff! It was another cool gray day with a bit of rain in the morning, just enough to soak everything and make it so the kids can't play outside....or don't want to!

After lunch DJ tried going next door, but no answer, and instead stayed outside playing for a bit by himself....Sam and I were inside being goofy which was fun...I can't wait til its just her and I for a few hours four days a week...should be fun! About 2:30 I settled them with the movie Bolt and then went in to shower and clean up for the Gala tonite.

Tonite was a dinner event for all reps with Avon (in certain districts) who achieved President's that meant me! I got all dolled up too! FINALLY got to wear that sweater that Howie got me for Christmas and then wore my flaring chiffon pants that I paid a whopping 5.00 for a couple years score they were!!! And they've served me well! I ended up carpooling with another rep from Monroe and we met at Freddy's, which is also where I met Howie to swap kids/cars...then Shannon and I were on our way!!! Seems she remembers me from VBS last year, and a couple of the meetings in town,  but it wasn't til I saw her face that I knew who she was! We chatted the entire way there and discovered a lot of similarities in our lives! SO fun to meet new friends!

The banquet was smashing!! Right away at our place setting there was a box of pearlesque drop earrings...I was very tempted to put them on right away too! Then they started in on the drawings for winners of an HUGE table full of stuff! Behind that was another MASSIVE table full of trophies for top sellers and whatnot. Since this was my first year to be a part of it all, I wasn't sure what to expect...but some of those numbers were staggering!

I was also sure, since it was my first year, that  I wouldn't be winning any awards...I was WRONG!!!!! When they called my name I was stunned!! #3 in district for Sales Increase!!! Who knew!! I now have an Oscarette (that's what they called them, and she does look like a female Oscar award) that weighs a tonne, and looks awesome! I'm thinkin she'll join the Mrs Albee award I got for making PC way up the kids can't use it as a weapon! So fun!

There were two bad things about tonite...1) the food didn't happen til I'll know for next time to eat on the way in! I didn't even have a bar in my purse! Nothing! UGH! and 2) I missed the CMT awards live...thank goodness for DVR and I was able to watch them when I got home.

Oh and another bad thing about tonite....within in minutes of my arrival home, Howie was on his way out the door to go back to work! Boo! Something about electrical and he needs to be there for the contractor...I felt horrible that it was tonite...a nite when I wasn't home for him to sleep before heading in. Sure hope its not a whole nite deal for him!

I'm pooped...and still smiling tho....

Til next time...God bless!

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