Friday, June 24, 2011

Potty Training HELL!!!

Puppy potty training that is!! Oh I've read so much everywhere and nothing seems to be working!! It's SO frustrating!! Howie steam cleaned the carpets a week ago, and all we can smell in the living room is pee!!!! She'll go potty outside, and then come inside and do more, like you never took her out. Or she'll go outside, run away on you, come in once you catch her, and pee! I swear she's laughing at us too while doing it!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

The puppy potty pads don't work, she chews them.

Newspaper doesn't work, she shreds it.

Bitter Ick doesn't work, she likes it!

How much longer will it take to get it thru her cute little head that potty goes OUTSIDE!!!!!?!?!?!?!

Ok, rant over....but seriously!

This morning she got me up at 6:30, I took her out, she did both jobs, and we came back in. I set up the gate, got her her toys and went back to bed. Kids did fabulous and slept til rare!!! And so needed by all 3 of us. Yet, just an hour later, they're yelling, fighting, crying, there was no beautiful sleeping in thing...I was ready to ship 'em both off to military school! But, its raining, and I'm too drained to drive them! lol

Instead we crated Belle and headed to the shed...we recently acquired a fabulous new place, Panera, and their goodies are YUMMY!!!! Not that I'd know, as they're SO not on the South Beach list!! But I need some for my party tomorrow nite. We also drove into town to fill up the propane tanks...I really hate running out of propane just as Howie is about to put meat on the grill, so we'll have a full spare from now on! We got back and the sun was shining in between spurts of rain...just a miserable day really. DJ headed out to play, and the rain then he headed next door, and when he didn't come home, Sam wanted to go off she went in search of fun.

Now this would have been the perfect opportunity to repeat yesterday's nap, but instead I worked on the kitchen, and did up my Avon email for the current campaign, which took longer thanks to a puppy who is secretly toying with me!! Howie came home and I went and took a shower. I had an Avon meeting tonite in town, so I wanted to leave a bit early to get to the bank. I was going to skip the meeting if mom was here as my g/f Jackie just started up as a rep for WineShop at if you want a girl's night in, let me know and I'll hook ya up! :)

I'm glad I went...I knew that Avon was to be making changes in the near future, but today they announced something brand new!!!!! And its totally to my benefit!!! I just have to wait til August 1st for it to come into affect...and it should help me keep my leadership title too!!! This excites me!! Plus, I won a door prize of a gorgeous bracelet that looks like a belt, with a horseshoe as the matches a ring I've had for a while, LOVE it!!! Even got a compliment on it tonite at the dollar store!!! So I handed her a book and we chatted for a few seconds. Gotta love it! I'd also stopped at Freddy's after the meeting to get something to help with the smell in our house...I got some Nature's Miracle and some Arm & Hammer carpet stuff....praying one of them works!!! She's currently sitting on the floor in the living room watching her domain...after I rescued her from the bathroom where she ended up closing the door on her, Snickers and blood, no foul!

Til next time...God bless!

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  1. dont use puppy pads or newspapers in the house. Even if she does use them, it will confuse her and she wont know ever that outside is the place to go. My mum ran a dog training school for many many years and after i talked to her, all she can say to help is to take her out the second she starts to wriggle, first thing in the am, and all day long too. its hard with a young puppy but eventually she will get it. Praise her BIGTIME when she goes outside, and give her a treat, immediately after. Dont punish her when she goes inside, and dont scold her unless you actually catch her doing it. Dogs have no sense of time, so if u scold her after the fact, she wont know what shes done. Persevere... it will get better. As for the smell, i got some great lavender stuff that i mail-ordered from your neck of the woods. Its called Moosedreams Lavender farms, 3101 greentree lane, Port angeles Wa, phone number 360-417-0317. They have great dog shampoo too, makes the l'il darlin's smell like pot pourri. hehehe


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