Saturday, June 11, 2011

Her poor paws!!

Today Belle got the brunt of the day and took it all in the paws!!

This morning I enjoyed sleeping in til awesome!! I don't even remember Belle waking!!! How's that! I do remember her stirring around 6, but she settled herself back to sleep...and Howie said she woke again at 6:45, pretty darn decent for 10 weeks old!! And then the big kids didn't get up til after 8!!

When I got up I got told that DJ wanted an I made the 3 of us one each...Sam was enjoying her peanut buttered toast. I had to go down and get english muffins, and left a whining Belle at the gate at the top of the stairs...well next thing I know DJ is carrying her to me in the I take her and bring her back up. Now, he says she jumped over, but if Belle could talk, she just might tell me she had help...who knows! When I set her back on the floor she whimpered and lifted her front left paw...and hobbled a bit and sat down. I checked both legs and didn't feel anything broken, so told the kids to leave her be. She laid at my feet while I made breakfast and by the time I fed her her breakfast she was fine. Poor thing!

After breakfast Howie headed outside to mow the goal was to get the garden tended to...and get the corn and butternut squash planted....and plant marigolds all around the fence of my garden. Apparently slugs will go for the marigolds instead of my harvest...and our backyard is just a regular slug fest this year!! I had a great helper too...Sam was awesome in digging in the dirt and picking out the rocks...I got the really big rocks out, and some of them were boulder size!!! Insane!! I even found a Monster can cut in half and a piece of glass! When the leveled the house previous, they just left the small bits and covered it with dirt...not cool!

By 1:30 I was hungry, so I headed in to make lunch...and turns out Howie beat me inside...he was showered and ready to go! So we ate and I went and showered....we were headed to the play fields here in Monroe to watch the twins play softball. Dad and Ellen were there already with their dog MacGregor (did I spell that right Ellen?) and Gayleen was spectating with her new camera....the girls were winning the game they were in...but ended up losing by 1 run! The next game started almost immediately after and we stayed for most of 6 we left to head home for dinner. Made one stop on the way for Avon and then home. At the stop, I hopped out of the truck to get the money from the mailbox and accidentally shut the door on Belle's paw...we'd taken her to the field with us, Oh I felt AWFUL!!!!! Just awful!! I held her in my arms the whole way home...and when we got home, I carried her inside and set her down...not even a whimper and no limping...poor baby!!!

After dinner I bathed the kids with lightning speed and got them in bed by I know it can be done...not without tears and protests of wanting to play, but it can be done! My hurry...I'm headed to Lynnwood to catch a movie with my g/f Joanne....we're gonna see Bridesmaids....I've heard nothing but good things about it...and Melissa McCarthy is in it, I just love her!!!

Til next time...God bless!

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