Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Last of the 4's

Last nite after I went to bed, Miss Belle got herself all caught up in the crate and was whining to beat the band! Howie rescued her, took her outside, she did nothing of course, and he brought her back in the house, but left her in the living room...I'm oblivious to all this, and wake up at 7:30 to Samantha yelling from the bathroom for me to wipe her up. I got up, notice the gate, and wipe her up...I then convince her its not time to be up yet, and she snuggles in with me. That's when I notice DJ sound asleep on Howie's side of the bed....sure did surprise me! I think Sam dozed for a bit, but by 8 DJ was up and they were both off to watch tv. At 8:30 we got a visit from Superman (it was K dressed up) and the house got a little crazy then. I got up and got dressed, and Belle came in the room with all the commotion and started peeing right on the floor..argh! DJ takes her outside to potty and I find them out on the front lawn getting attn from David.

We quickly eat our breakfast and then DJ is off to go outside and play with Superman!! Sam is right behind him too! Another gorgeous day here, and its just awesome!!! I stay in and get the dishwasher unloaded and reloaded with what's there, and then get laundry going....I'd left a load in the wash from last Thursday....NOT pleasant!!! SO not pleasant! I also discovered the trick to Howie's new work shirts...they LIKE steam...so before my shower tonite, while putting clothes away, I hung them in the bathroom and steamed them...worked like a charm!!!!!

Getting ahead of myself bit here...by 11 I'm anxious to get out the door, so I make a list of where we need to go and start gathering things up. It was 11:30 by the time we actually left (time continuum strikes again!) and got on our way to deliver an Avon order in Duvall...what a pretty drive for it too!! Finally found the place, the house was completely hidden with growth from trees and whatnot, and got back in the truck. Knowing what else was planned for today, I decided to forgo the trip to costco and head back into town and do the in town errands before heading home for lunch. We got back and I got that prepped right away...and then finished loading up the dishwasher and switched out loads in the washer/dryer and headed out.

For the first time in 8 years, I had an appt to get my nails done! A while back I'd seen a sign on the side of the road either to/from town...and one day a couple weeks ago I called to get her prices and see if she did real acrylics and not tips. She did!! But since it had been years since she'd really done them, would she be able to do them for free on me for practice...I readily agreed and made an appt! She cancelled that appt two weeks ago as she wasn't confident enough to do them and we made it for today instead. So I headed out while all the kids were outside and the pup was happily snoozing inside.

Now, it's been 8 years....so I had an expectation in my mind of what I wanted...well I got blown away by the advances in nails!!! No tips, as I don't do tips, but she gave me what's commonly referred to as pink and whites....so a perma-french nail basically. The tips are white and the rest is a natural pink colour. They look awesome!!! Some of the white parts are a bit big, but I know she's just practicing...by the time she got to the 10th nail, it was absolutely perfect!! So the potential is there! And I enjoyed chatting with her...nice lady maybe a bit older than Howie, and quite personable! And I fully understood her!!! That's huge for this hearing impaired girl! :D

I arrived home about 10 seconds after Howie and we headed inside...him to watch hockey (which totally sucked tonite!) and me to keep on with laundry!  I was making sure I didn't need to go in the garage as the kids found a garter snake in there this morning....NOT COOL!!! *shudder*  After dinner I went and had my shower while the kids went back outside and then when I was done got them ready for bed and put them down. DJ went to bed fully knowing that tomorrow he'll wake up and be 5!!!!!! SO exciting!!!!  Once I tucked him in, I went back down for more laundry (I should mention I haven't even touched our laundry yet, so far its the kids' and pee towels and extra things) and then sat down to watch tv with Howie...who'd gotten sucked into watching an Orange County Choppers show. Once he went to bed, I put on B'ette and was blown away!! Poor Ashley...and yet at the same time I wanna smack her and say "See, you were warned!" I'm sure she's watching it back every week and kicking herself for being so stupid!! Bentely is an ASS!!!!!! And William, while he took the cheap shot at her, is safe...which I'm glad for! And just as I suspected, Jeff looks better with the mask on!!!! And did we really need to see him on the toilet with the mask on!?!?!! REALLY!??!?! OY!

Til next time...God bless!

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  1. Good luck, bentley, getting a date with ANY woman who watches the bachelor. What a total ass he is. No decent woman would go out with him after his smug nasty attitude. So happy he left. i dont think I could bear to watch her fawn over him another second. William is a decent guy. he didnt mean to hurt her that way, he was just doing what she asked him to, and didnt know how insecure she felt about not being Emily. She shouldnt have had the roast if she couldnt take it. silly girl.


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