Saturday, June 25, 2011

Party Pooped!!!

Tonite I had my Norwex party (that my mom was supposed to be here for!!!!!) and I was completely WOW'ed!!! Beyond what I expected! WOW!!!

This morning I also got to sleep in a bit, which was nice! Belle didn't get up til DJ got up and that was bout 7:20, so Howie got up with everyone and I rolled over and burrowed deeper under cover! Lovely! And much needed!

So once we sent Howie on his way to work, the kids headed out to play and I got the vacuum out and got to work!! I did it in two sections, that way the dogs could be in the dirty part til I was ready for them to move. The Arm & Hammer stuff did a nice job immediately, and I let it sit there for the 30 minute period...longer the better!! I did crate Belle while doing the living room area, since it was bigger, and I just wanted her out of the way to focus on the carpet. She's getting better at being put in there...but hates knowing I'm in the house and she can't see me.

I let her out while I made us lunch, and put her back in the crate about 2 when we left to go see Mater and Lightning....yep, the real deal! They were at the local movie theater because of opening day of the new Cars2 movie which the kids are SO anxious to see! Me too for that matter! In any case, I'd offered to take K & C with us, but they were already in town, so we met up at McD's and then headed to the theater. I was surprised there weren't more people there, as the kids were able to run right up and touch them both. SO fun! I got some good pix, just need to get them off the camera.

Then we came home and the kids stayed outside playing while I was inside cleaning more...I was also told to leave things dirty so she could show how the Norwex products work...I have to say, its SO hard to do that when you have people who've never been to your house coming over! I did an early dinner since Gina, the Norwex gal, was coming at 6:15ish, and it worked out great too. The desserts were very tempting for the kids, so I kicked them outside once the first vehicle showed up. Now, Sam insisted on wearing a IS a party y'know! She can be so insistent sometimes, and I wasn't in the mood to fight her, lol, so there she is out on the trampoline with everyone in her dress...oy!

The party was a HUGE success!!!!! Such an awesome product! AND she showed me how it will help with the pee smell in the house....seriously!!! I'm SOLD!!! The demo was great, and I could tell everyone else was WOW'ed too! 3 of my guests booked shows even!! So that's awesome!!! And the fudge was a huge hit too...but to spare myself the temptation, I gave it all away!! No sense having it in the house to torture myself!! The kids did a great job devouring the chips and cookies!!! :)

Howie came home just as Gina and I were wrapping up, and so we immediately got kids into bed since it was already 9:30....and they were TIRED!!! Not one peep from either of them once I closed their doors. Howie was just finishing his dinner and reading the paper when I finally sat down to relax. I chose Friday Night Lights to watch, and he actually watched it with me and then went to bed. I then watched the season premiere of Rookie Blue, which is turning into a great show! I also found Combat Hospital on On Demand, so I'll have to watch that soon! :)

Now, I'm party pooped and heading to bed!

Til next time...God bless!

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