Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pretty in Pink

I'm really loving this vacation sleeping in stuff!! Truly! Altho, this morning I woke up to an empty bed, and Belle's whining was increasing, and since Howie was fishing, I got dressed to take her out potty. I got out to the living room and there was Howie at the computer, did a 180 and went back to bed! Sweet!! I got woken at 9ish when Howie came in to shower and get ready for the day.

The boys and kids were off to Seattle to go shopping at Outdoor Emporium (this is Howie's Ben Franklin, or Joann's) and we girls were left to our own devices. Whatever were we to do!? Mom suggested pedis after I got a load in the washer and got the dishwasher going...so I did all that and we were off!! First stop was church to get my purse...seems I didn't leave it in Sam's classroom after all...it was right where we were sitting in the sanctuary...oops! Grabbed it and off to the salon we went, with a quick stop at the bank in the same plaza.

We were both given pedis by the men of the establishment...which I have to tell you, is just ODD!!! I've never had a pedi by a guy before...and he was too gentle....women are more stronger in the hands when massaging, all he did was rub lotion in. He did do a good job on the painting tho! I picked a flamingo pink...and mom got a vintage rose. The man doing my feet never said one word to me, the one doing mom's feet never shut up!! lol But he was asking all kinds of questions to mom, so they chatted the whole time. Then she got a mani, so I sat on the couch and fell asleep! Her voice put me to sleep! lol

We left there about 2 and headed home to make lunch! We all relaxed for a bit, the kids were in and out of the house, then over to Jessica's house, then back here, all over the place! We took them for a bike ride at 4:30 and when we got back I headed to the shed to do the books. Mom came with me and we got it done in no time...then took them to Goodwill and dropped 'em off. Then we picked up Dad's fave, teriyaki, for dinner and came home.

After dinner I bathed the kids and we got them in bed. DJ was sound asleep before I could tuck him in, he was that tired! I then gave Howie the haircut he's been asking for for a couple weeks now. Then we played cards where the queen won (not me, I'm still a Princess!) and then Howie went to bed. I sat down to watch B'ette with my parents on the couch...which meant I was gonna get Dad's commentary too...oy! He actually behaved...but that might be because mom had the rolled up newspaper and whacked him if he spoke up lol They went to bed a little over half way thru, and missed Mickey taking himself outta the game...I was shocked by that! I was shocked but totally understood, the guys' reactions to the whole Bentley saga...here she was being honest, but it was honesty too late...she should have told them all when he left that she wasn't dealing with it well. She played them for a couple weeks, and that's gotta hurt! In the end, she sent the dentist packing...and he was one of my faves!  Oh well!

Til next time...God bless!

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