Sunday, June 26, 2011

The laziest day yet!

This morning I got to sleep in til 10!!!!! What bliss that was!!! DJ woke Howie up shortly after 7, or something, and his legs hurt (he's been complaining for a while, and sometimes its his knees or hips, so we KNOW he's gonna sprout up here shortly!) so Howie carried him out to the living room and then came back for Belle. So I rolled over and got comfy (with a cat at my feet) and the next thing I know, it's 9:45!! SWEET!!!!

I come out am greeted enthusiastically....and by DJ saying he's hungry and was waiting for me for I got busy making us all eggamuffins...Sam too even tho she'd eaten! After breakfast the kids head outside to play...and Howie and I work on some email stuff before he heads to the couch. Since the house is still fairly clean from the party, and the kids haven't destroyed it, there wasn't much to do! So I puttered, read my magazine, took Belle out numerous times, nothing serious.

About 2 Howie asked for lunch, so I made that for us, but the kids were far too busy playing to want lunch, so they waited. I then said I was gonna go lay down since I was freezing cold...that turned into an hour long nap...SO nice!! Then at 4 I headed to costco to finally do the shopping and to meet an Avon client to give her her stuff, we chatted for a few, and then parted ways.

Came home, made a lovely steak dinner, bathed SamSam while DJ got a shower with Howie, then put them both to bed, and they were both asleep by 8:05 they were THAT tired!!! I then got ready to head out to do a run for the gleaners. And what a run it is! Man, if I ate sugar/goodies/pastries/muffins, I'd be ALL over this run!!! As it is, I did get a couple things for the kids, and for Howie, but just smelled the rest! *SNIFFFFFFFFFF*

I got home about 10:20 and Howie was watching Spartacus, so I waited til he was done to watch Combat Hospital...didn't realize it was a Canadian show til half way thru when I saw the flag on the one Dr's backpack....makes me like it even more! lol Then I watched Suits on USA, I'd dvr'd it last week and decided since I was NOT tired (and still am not) I'd give it a go while knitting. What a great show! Not your normal legal drama at all! Spunky! I liked it!!!

Til next time...God bless!

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