Thursday, June 16, 2011


This morning Belle had me up at ten to 7, but DJ had me up at 4:30 asking if he could sleep in the bed...since I knew Howie was getting up in a few, I said yes, and didn't stir again til Belle woke me. Got her taken care of and when I came back in the house, DJ was just coming out of the bedroom to find I told him it wasn't time to get up  yet, and back in we went. Worked fine if I'd put the gate up at the end of the hall...but no, I forgot that part! And she whined at my door loud enough to wake Sam once DJ heard her voice, off he went! I was suffering from an achy hernia area, so I laid for another half hour til the natives got hungry...then I told DJ to get the breakfast things ready and I'd be right out...well 2 seconds later he comes running in to tell me he made a mess with my cereal...and I come to find out it wasn't just ANY cereal, it was my granola!!! ARGH!! And about 3 or 4 cups worth too! I was heartbroken!! The floor wasn't clean enough for me to use the 5 second rule I swept it up, with my tears, and put it in the garbage *sigh*

After breakfast the kids helped me move the chairs and whatnot from the dining area so I could steam the floors...I did the kids bathroom first, which is where I discovered that Belle does NOT like the hissing sound of the mop...starts chasing it, and barking at it, DJ was literally on the floor laughing, it was pretty funny...but when I got to the dining area, it started getting old! I think she may have steam burned her nose, as she left me alone for a while and I got most of it done before she started chasing me again! Stinkerbutt! Even while I was doing the laundry room she was still barking at me from upstairs! *shakes head*

I also got laundry going and a load of dishes going...but 11 am I called it quits!! I was tired! lol I learned then that they were just crossing the border and should be here by 2...which was almost accurate! It was about 2:30..meanwhile the kids drove me bonkers waiting for them! The UPS truck psyched me out next door with it diesel sound...and then the Fed Ex guy dropped off a package for my mom, and all of Snickers' barking made me think they were in the driveway. FINALLY they arrived and there was no mistaking the sound!! Since our driveway is tricky and we weren't sure where to put them, he backed down the road, turned around and then backed up the road past our driveway and parked.

The kids were already outside and jumping around like Mexican beans around them! It was cute to watch! Then they came in the house and Belle went a little crazy...I grabbed a towel to catch the excited pee, but my dad picked her up to get a better look at her and she peed all over him. ha! They came in and sat down to decompress...the kids were everywhere with excitement and taking turns on laps, it was quite endearing! I also learned more about my Aunt's death...she'd been away on a weekend getaway with a friend in Montreal...on the Monday morning they went on some hike and when they got back my Aunt said she was tuckered and went to take a nap, her friend went to the casino and a couple hours later returned to the room and discovered her unwakeable.  Well, turns out, she'd had a slight heart attack 3 weeks prior and didn't think it was cause for concern...and then that Saturday prior she was having chest pain off and on and went to the doctor for medicine and was released. Both my grandpa and my uncle died in their sleep as well...its the best way to go, but SO incredibly shocking for those of us left behind!

Ok enough about that! Since my dad's favourite meal here is Teriyaki...that's what we had for dinner...with brown rice! The kids devoured it as they love it just as much as he does! And they were anxious to get to the box of Kinder Eggs they brought with them. We also had the horrible hockey game on...what a joke that was! And I'm thoroughly disgusted with the rioting that took place about sore losers!!! And giving the rest of us Canadians a bad rep! Shame!

I missed most of SYTYCD so I won't even comment....other than, the calibre of the dancers this year is quite extraordinary!! Gonna be a good one for sure!! Howie went to bed shortly after 9 and then mom and dad headed out to the RV shortly after 10 and I got busy working on my Avon books, and then knitting while finishing up  White Collar from last nite (I was about to fall asleep in the middle I was so tired) and then Covert Affair, which is always good! Then tonite was the pilot of a new one called Franklin & Bash...a lawyer show but with humour...and Zach from Saved By The Bell is one of the lead characters, so its nice to see him all grown up! (no, I'm not THAT old...I'm only 29!) It was good and I'm sure I'll catch it again!

Til next time...God bless!

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  1. Omg @your dad getting peed on! What a greeting. :-) I actually saw SYTYCD last night. I can't believe how good they are. I'm also hooked on The Voice and Blake! Finally, a fan of my hometown boy! Ha. Christina can take a hike. She unnerves me. Have a great visit!!


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