Monday, June 20, 2011

Rules to live by!

First off...Happy Father's Day!!!!!!!!

I'm skipping a full on post as I'm just whupped, so instead I leave you with:

Rules to live by!

Porta Potty Rules that is...sheesh!

Rule #1 Wait til you ABSOLUTELY must go!!! Excessive porta potty use could be the death of you!!

Rule #2 Find one that doesn't have the urinal don't aim properly at home, why on earth would that change in a porta potty!?!?!

Rule #3 Make sure the floor is dry...this goes along with rule #2 if you're unlucky enough to have to use one with an attached man bowl.

Rule #4 Make sure there's enough toilet paper, there is NOTHING worse than knocking on the porta potty next to ya! It don't work like that!

Rule #5 DO NOT LOOK IN THE HOLE!!!!!!!!

Rule #6 You simply MUST wipe the seat...I don't care how drunk you are, the person before you may have been drunker. Now, while attempting rule #6, be sure you follow rule #5, this is where it gets tricky!!!

Rule #7 Go quickly!! and by God, don't use your phone in a porta potty, if the unthinkable happens, you'll not only be phoneless (cuz lets face it, its HISTORY) you'll also be the laughing stock of your peeps!

Rule #8 If you start to feel overcome with that urge to gag, do what my nursey friends tell me to do, smile, it makes the gag go away...good thing no one can see into your porta potty! You'd look kinda dumb...

Rule #9 Avoid  puking in a porta potty...seriously!! Truly!! REALLY!!!

Rule #10 If there is a hand washing station nearby, its beyond imperative that you wash your hands after using a porta potty!!! *shudder*

Did you think I couldn't come up with 10 of them!?!?! That's about how many times (no, not really) I had to use a porta potty in the 24 hours I was away from home...and Princess doesn't like porta potties!!!! Not one bit!!!!!

I did have fun and will fill ya in tomorrow, still too pooped!! Even with a two hour nap this afternoon! :)

Til next time...God bless!


  1. NO WAY!!!! YOU used a porta potty.......never thought I would see the day.
    ~ Miss Laura

  2. I always always always have a small bottle of sanitary hand wash with me wherever I go. Then I dont have to touch the nasty taps or switches that other people have been pawing. I honestly think the taps and door handles of bathrooms/portapotties are dirtier & germier than the toilet seat. So I exit asap & clean my hands in a nice safe sweet smelling area.


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