Friday, June 10, 2011

How is it that...

A dog only eats TWO times a day...and yet she pooped EIGHT times, if not more!, in one day!!?!?!?!? How is this possible!?!?!? Maybe I oughta get a dog's metabolism in me somehow...dang!!!!

This morning I had the pleasure (said sarcastically) of keeping kids quiet while Daddy slept the night shift off...especially since he'd gotten no sleep the evening before. Belle slept til 6 am, I took her out potty and then gated her in the living room and went back to sleep. DJ joined me at some point, not sure when, and then when Sam woke me up just before 8, I discovered DJ in the middle and Howie on the outside. He said he got in around 6:30 and cleaned up 3 piles of crap in the living room...lovely!

When I got up and took her out, she did both businesses and we came back in. About 9:45 after the kids got dressed, DJ asked to go next door....he waited til Sam got dressed and they both headed over...I watched them go in, and was instantly relieved of my shushing duties! Nice!! I then laid on the couch and fell asleep! I fell asleep SO hard that when I woke up at 11:15 I didn't know where I was, or what day it was!! That's crazy!

I then leisurely got up, did the dishes, kept on with the unending laundry this week, and made a nice lunch for me and Howie. I woke him up just after 1 and we ate together. I then got myself ready to go to costco finally, and left everyone behind...cranked the radio and headed south!! Since the moment I'd put my contacts in, the left one was just awful!!! It took me my entire trip in costco and then just before getting back on the freeway to figure out it was inside out...horrible feeling!!! My poor eye! And I felt like a dork wearing my sunglasses inside costco, but the light killed the eye and made my eye tear I know why!! oy! Howie told me while I was out, and he was out vacuuming his car, that he came in and picked up 3 more piles of her crap...yowza!!

Got home and put stuff away and took the kids and the dogs to the park....which is totally gated and nice and big for dogs to run around in. Belle had a BLAST chasing after Snickers and I thoroughly enjoyed watching her run to her heart's content and not have to chase her!!! She can RUN!!!!!! She is afraid of cars and I carried her the whole way there and back, but otherwise, she did great!! The kids enjoyed playing tag with her too...she always caught them lol

When we got home, she crashed so was funny to see! If I could have read her mind it would be "oh, this hurts!!" lol After dinner I bathed Sam while Howie showered DJ and then I bathed Belle since I had such nice warm water in the bath...that and some of the park is MUDDY her paws were brown! Plus, I want to get into a better bathing habit with her...Snickers HATES getting a bath, but I wonder if that's because I never started it with her as a puppy. Here's hoping it works with Belle...she sure is soft after a bath...and the lavender soap I got her is de-lish!!

Once the kids were in bed Howie got sucked into a re-run of Fear Factor...what a great show that was!!! I hear tell its making a comeback sometime soon...YAY!! The food stuff tho, always made me ill, I either had to leave the room or not look at it...blech! Howie went to bed after it was done and I flipped over to SYTYCD and caught some of the top twenty performances...I like how they showcased them tonite...not a competition  yet, just show us the goods! Nice! I missed yesterday as the CMT awards were more me anyways! Then I watched Covert Affairs in my dvr...such a good show on USA network! And then caught Love Bites...a new show that had my interest while I knit.

Now I'm about to take Belle out for  probably the 9th poop of the one before I settled in my chair for the evening...crazy dog! does she poop SO much!?!?!

Til next time...God bless!

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