Thursday, June 23, 2011

Flashing Lights

This morning Belle let everyone sleep til just after 7, I got up and got her outside to do her businesses and when I came in set DJ up with a snack and went back to lay in bed....there's no more sleep at this point, but it is nice and warm! Sam was up shortly after that and then Belle pooped in the living room, so it was short lived. Once it all settled, the 3 of us sat in my chair and watched Umizoomi...strange show! After breakfast we all got ready to leave the house as I had a nail appt for 10...we got there 3 minutes late! I set the kids up with a movie in the truck as the nail tech didn't want the kids around the chemicals...well after 15 minutes she couldn't handle them out there and told me to bring them in...I also brought their movie in to watch too. I feared for her house...

They did great!! AND SamSam got her nails painted by Jodie after I was done...she'd seen all the colours on the table and picked out a light lavender and said it was pretty, so Jodie asked if she'd like her nails painted (I just did them two days ago) and she said YES!! So she sat up in the chair and got them done!! SO cute seeing this little girl in the big chair being all girly!! And they look awesome!!!

We went home after the appt and the kids stayed out to play with the neighbours who were also out enjoying the day 2 of sunshine! I came in and got Belle out of the crate to potty...when I came in the kids were hungry and wanted I made one on a crust I had in the was SO good, they ate it all up!! YUM!!  And back outside they went to play. A little after 3 they asked if they could go to Jessica's house, to which I said sure and laid down on the couch. THAT was a good nap!!! So quiet!! Even Belle napped beside me on the floor!!  I was still laying there when I heard Howie come up the drive, so I got up and took Belle out quick as she'll get excited. Howie told me when I got back in that the front door was wide open when he got home and that Jazz had made it out to the front lawn, but Jasper was on the porch...guess the kids didn't close the door properly!  When he slammed the car door they both took off for inside! ha! They are not outdoor kitties!!!

DJ went with the neighbours to church tonite, so dinner was a very quiet affair with just Samantha to deal with. And after that we watched The Voice (my second time) so Howie would be caught up for tonite's results show....I only got one wrong, and as I wrote Frenchie's name down last nite, I knew it wouldn't be her...but I'm not a Beverly fan at all!! Howie went to bed after we saw the results and I flipped on White Collar from last nite. About 11 I got up for something and noticed flashing lights outside the living room window. Two fire trucks and two cop cars...I messaged my neighbour to see if she knew anything and then saw her drive in her drive. So, being the nosy neighbour I am, I walked over to see what she knew. She'd stopped to ask someone before pulling into her drive.

Apparently somebody took out a power pole...she was told that the driver had to have been going 70 and missed the curve in the road and hit the pole and took it out...and FLED THE SCENE!!! With the power line across the road!! Thankfully its too far from  me and I wasn't left in the dark. I had my windows closed already at that point, so I didn't hear a thing. So she, Michaela and I headed up the street to see what we could see...sure enough, the truck was plowed into the pole and abandoned. As we were standing there P.U.D. came to start fixing the line. Sure hope they find whoever the driver was! I'll have to have Howie keep and eye on the paper for follow up! And now, I'm pooped!!

Til next time...God bless!

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