Friday, June 3, 2011

Half blogging

This puppy needs to learn how to tell time!! Honestly!! 5:41 is not an acceptable time to be up for the day...unless you're Howie and heading to work. I think puppyness is harder than human infancy...I could nurse either kid to quietness and eventually back to sleep. Belle...notsomuch! I got dressed, let her out and put the gate up again so she couldn't be a bug to the cats in the room...or whine too close to the kids' doors and wake them up. Howie was just finishing up getting ready for work when I heard him checking the dryer for a clean shirt...which I sorta forgot to put in the dryer last nite....oops!

So when I got back to bed, I was fully awake with the mind running...makes it hard to fall back to the anticipation of DJ joining me soon doesn't help. And he did  about when Sam came in and I was almost 8 I let them go out to the living room. Apparently puppy is far more entertaining than tv, as they've not put the tv on in the mornings and just played with her...and she's happy to have someone to play with at that time of day! In a couple more weeks when her legs are stronger, and she doesn't need to be carried down the stairs, I'll let DJ do that potty time with her (Lord willing she's sleeping in longer tho!)  but for now, I deal with the pee on the floor...thankfully no poop this morning. And so far *crosses fingers* that's the only accident today!!

After breakfast DJ wanted to go next door...but I made him wait...and wouldn't ya know it, K came over to play! So they played downstairs and in DJ's room as Belle can be destructive and I wasn't fond of listening to Lightning's voice so early in the morning. By 10 tho he got called home as he hadn't done his chores yet...but he was told he could come back. This is good as it placates DJ enough to let K go home without a huge stink. So, the 3 of us snuggled on the couch (after a good puppy potty) and watched tv together while the rains poured down from the skies. Ugh...non-stop ALL day too!!! We had one five minute spell of sun, but it was still raining at the time...blah!!

The afternoon wiled away with colouring (pix have been done in anticipation of Grandma and Poppa's arrival) and grocery list making, unloading dishwasher, loading it back up again, more puppy playing and a few tears...from all of us! I almost got a black eye from Sam...she was pulling her hand away from Belle and my eye stopped her...hurt like heck too!! Howie says you can't see anything black, so maybe her punch wasn't that powerful after all.

Howie was late getting home from work, but the kids and I managed til he got home...the rain still hadn't let up...and apparently we're to get to 75 this weekend...kinda hard to believe! My poor garden needs some growing time! As soon as he was changed from his work clothes he started the bbq and we got dinner under way. After dinner I set up to bathe the kids...while I'm in with Sam DJ came in asking for his towel and he went to have a shower instead with Howie. YAY!! When they were both pj'd it was only 7:45 so I went to take a shower...which of course takes twice as long when you have kitty litter to do too! So I missed bed time for the kids....when I was done tho I went and tucked them both in. I leaned over to give Sam a kiss on her cheek and she sighed just after I kissed her...awwwww!!! DJ snored, so that's normal!

I sat down to watch a special about Blue Collar Comedy, and decided to make granola soon as I got in the kitchen my phone rang and I was on the phone for a half hour. Howie waited til I was done my call and then went to bed....I finally got around to getting the granola going! About 10 I finally sat down again and watched another round of auditions for SYTYCD which was really good!!! I agree, this is the year of the dancers!! I'm a little shocked tho that they've picked 160 dancers to go to Vegas, and it'll get down to 20 for viewer voting...DANG those are not good odds! I liked more than 20 of them!!!

I've got 13 minutes left on the granola, and since Miss Belle has already chosen to defecate in the house (my timing was off tonite for some reason) I guess I'll go knit those 13 minutes away!!

Til next time...God bless!

P.S. Half blogging means I start blogging earlier in the day and get it half done before I sit down at nite to finish like a charm!!!!! I get to bed earlier too! :)

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