Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I've been informed

That the Laundry Fairy will only wash, dry and fold my clothes...otherwise she doesn't other words, I have to get the laundry downstairs and she'll work her magic!!! I love my laundry fairy!!!

Today was B U S Y!!!!! It was an Avon morning, so while I was chasing down orders, the kids were outside playing, which was perfect!! At noon they came in just after I submitted my order...and chaos ensued!!! I got everyones lunch ready and we ate...then we packed everything up and headed into town. First stop was Lil C's to pick up pizzas...thank God it wasn't the usual 32, today it was just 9! Which didn't crowd dad in the back seat at all!

Then we headed to Lynnwood to watch Jake at a football camp. While I love my stepson, I do NOT love his hair!!! He flips it more than any girl I know!! Seriously!! I must get this on video so that I can have it added to his wedding reel....I promise, one day, he'll be mad we didn't make him cut it off! Silly boys! Its longer than mine, but shorter than Sam's...meaning, its braidable! After that we said goodbye to Daddy and Jake...they're currently in OR for another football camp tomorrow at a university that's interested in Jake when he graduates...kinda kool!

Since it was only 4, we did a couple stops that were on mom's list...first being Walgreens...I stayed out in the truck with the kids. Then Walmart (where else!?!?) and we wandered more than anything. I did get an pair of shorts and a shirt to keep in the truck for Sam in case we have an accident...should have been doing that all along so I don't have to find tinkled undies in my purse periodically!

After Wally's we headed for was 5:30 and it took FOREVER to get across town in rush hour traffic! Blech!!!! So glad I don't live in L'wood anymore! Our dinner destination was Red Lobster...there has been a commercial that's been teasing my dad since he got here. A 4 course meal for 15.00!! How can you beat that!?!?!? So we did just that! I had the most delicious cup of clam chowder, then a salad, then I picked the Garlic and herb grilled shrimp and chicken (YUM!!) over broccoli instead of mashed taters...and for dessert, I got the donut holes for the kids to have, and the enjoyed them too!! I did get to share mom's key lime pie with relish tho! Mmmmmmmmmmmm!!! It was a wonderful meal and the kids did really well too!

Then we made a very quick stop at Super Supplements for my dad, and then another super quick stop to Jackie to trade stuff and then FINALLY home to rescue poor Belle who'd been in her crate since 2!! She did soil her pillow in there, but that's tossable...otherwise, she did great!!! She missed us SO much!!!!! She literally hugged and kissed me! Awwwww  Once the kids were in bed, which they fell asleep quite easily, we sat and watched that 101 ways be frank, I'm over it. Its gonna be one of those "if its on, I'll watch it when there's nothing else on" shows. Meh!

The Voice tho...ROCKED!!!!!!!! Totally!!!! Now, you know I'm sorta partial to Blake Shelton, but DAMN his duet with Dia was HOTT!!!! Musta been the sunglasses! And I think he got a hair cut...not that I watch him THAT closely....ha! And Dia's song was fantastic!!! The way she moves her voice is incredible! I love it! Second for me was Javier...I liked his song! Vicci seemed a bit tame to me tonite, like she was reining in the vocals or something. And Bev, I could care less...but that's just me!  Blake's duet with Brad Paisley had me chuckling...esp after just seeing an interview about how he drank the water in Mexico on his honeymoon...hahaha! Didn't care for Adam/Javier duet....Xtina/Bev song was good, but still don't like her voice....but Cee Lo/Vicci...totally take the award for best performance!!! They had all the little people dancing around them to make them appear taller...that's my guess anyway lol  So, who's gonna win....that's a tough one...between Dia and Javier. My 10 votes were cast for I'm totally Team Blake!! Was there any doubt!?!?!?!?

Til next time...God bless!

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