Monday, June 6, 2011

What the heck...??

This morning I was kind and let Howie sleep while I got puppy up and potty'd and gated in the living I'm outside with her, DJ pops up over the deck railing...ITS SIX O'CLOCK!!!!! I tell him to go back to bed as its NOT time to be awake...he says "but it's daylight!"...yeah, so, go back to bed!! Belle does her businesses and we come back in....and who's coming at me down the hall....Samantha!!! I tell her its not time to be awake yet either and she comes into bed with me. Man she was a heater too!!!  Shortly thereafter, DJ joins us....this is not how I can fall back to sleep with four people in a queen sized bed!!! I should have left the kids there and gone to DJ's bed!! Seriously! Remind of that option next time will ya!

About 7 after restless kids are not fallin back to sleep, I send them out to watch tv...and Howie gets up...I rolled over and went back to sleep til Howie woke me to get ready for church. Since we weren't coming back home after church, I had to make sure we had everything party-wise we needed. We took two vehicles so that Howie could come back between church and the party to check on Belle, who we were leaving uncrated. So while he was off doing that, the kids and I headed to the dollar store to get balloons, and to get quarters for the arcades. We got those and headed to Alfy's for the party.

My g/f Nikki was already there with her twin boys, so she helped me get the Happy Birthday banner up, and tie the balloons to the chairs...once everyone had arrived I handed out 2.00 in quarters (8 is A LOT for most kids under 5) and then went to order pizza for lunch. I'd already put a deposit on the room, so that 25.00 was a credit towards lunch...and the pizzas were half price, so that helped, and drinks were 1.00 a piece...all told I spent less than 50 on lunch for 16 people...not bad!! AND we brought pizza home! Howie and I shared an all you can eat salad since pizza isn't on the menu!!

My dirt dessert went well...I was bummed it didn't gel up was goopy, but the kids could have cared less and gobbled it up! They loved the worms in them too! Then we did the presents and DJ was thrilled with everything!! He got two new books (which we've read multiple times already), a 5.00 bill (which he said he wanted to spend right away at the arcade), a new colouring kit that's Lightning (great indoor/rainy day thing!), Kinectimals (which he's played for an hour already!) on xBox, and a FABULOUS shorts/t-shirt/polo set (and he actually awed over it all!) and he was happier than a pig in you know what! I thought was had the room for 2 hours, but turns out we had it for an hour and a half, but that turned out to be good as we were done and the quarters were spent!!! So I handed out the goody bags and said good bye to everyone! DJ said his fave part of the whole party was having his friends there! Awwww!

On the way home I got a call from my g/f Wyndi that her daughter said I'm the best goody bagger ever!! Made me chuckle!! Aside from candy and chocolate I put an Avon chapstick in it, and an Avon soap roller thingy...and one of the boys was so excited to go home and have a bath! Too cute!!! I'm glad everyone had fun! It was fun to watch DJ have fun with his friends when he's been looking forward to this for a couple months now!

We weren't home long before Grandpa and Ellen came over...I barely got the counter cleared before we left this morning, and then all our party stuff ended up on the counter, oy! Our dinner was a bit early as Dad likes to eat earlier than we do, so we compromised. DJ picked pork chops for dinner and we had some special ones in the freezer from friends of ours....Howie did an adjustment on their treadmill and they gifted us pork chops....well! those pork chops were the best I've eaten EVER!!!!! SO moist and flavourful!!!! I seriously need to look into buying half a pig now!! THE best!!! After dinner we did the presents as DJ was far too excited for opening them! He got a gorgeous Husky jacket (to grow into as they didn't have his size) and a Zoomo disc launcher and a green Power Ranger...he was THRILLED with that! I had to get it free of its plastic encasing while he opened the rest of his presents...which were all clothes from us. The repeated phrase with each gift was "What the heck..." as he opened it and looked at it. Then we cleaned up all the paper mess so Belle couldn't eat it, and Howie asked him if the neighbours were outside playing, so, DJ got up on the couch to check out the window and said they weren't. But totally missed the bike at the bottom of the stairs waiting for Howie asked him to look closer, near the truck...and then DJ spotted the bike. Oh that was funny! Dangnabbit, what the heck came flying out of his mouth and he raced outside!!

I went out with him to get pix, and ended up attaching the new bell that came with the new helmet, and taking the tags off and the paper thingy in the spokes....he was raring to go for a ride!!! But we did dessert first and sang to him....he kept the helmet on...and had the biggest grin on his face! It was awesome! While we got ready to head out for a new bike ride, Grandpa and Ellen headed home after hugs and kisses all around. Sam finally clued in that she is now the owner of DJ's old bike and helmet (but we're getting her a new helmet too) and off we all went. First time Sam's ever been on a bike with pedals!!! Quite funny! She was far less nervous that DJ was last year riding for the first time! We headed up the street and saw Larry and Belle's siblings out romping around.

We got home and Howie decided to wash his car...I knew he couldn't handle me having the cleanest vehicle in the driveway while he did that, I got the kids ready for bed and read a book before tucking them in. Howie was done when it was time to kiss them goodnite and it didn't take much for them to be out! I finally got to sit down and relax for a few! Oh what a treat!!!! Of course, there wasn't anything on til 9 and even then it was the auditions of America's Got Talent (AGT) which was okay...there were some mind blowing performances for sure!! My fave of the nite was Illuminate....fanfreakingtastic performance!! Truly!!

After Howie went to bed I got up and did the dishes and got his lunch ready for tomorrow...then I sat down and watched Army Wives and finished skirt 5 and 6 in that I did the elastic around the waist...still have the tie to do for 6 and then they're both completely done! Not sure yet what to do

Til next time...God bless!

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