Monday, June 13, 2011

Today I got to work in

SamSam's class during service...I got a call last week asking if I could help out as they had no one to do it, so I said yes...Sam's been in that class for almost a year now, so its my turn to give back. She was excited to have me in there too! Since we were to be there for 10:35, we got there at 10:33! Not too shabby! She and I were the first ones in there. Thankfully the woman who runs the show left me an itinerary for how things go down in the class...and I had a fabulous helper who's been in the class lotsa times!! Between the two of us, we muddled quite well!

The twins Sam plays with, Charlotte and Lucy were in there and we had a new girl, Tierra...who was NOT happy about being dropped off with no notice! She cried and cried...and cried some more! I tried consoling her, ignoring her, holding her, nothing worked! After 20 minutes, Joanne, the gal running the show, came in to see if she could calm her down, last resort before calling for a parent, and she did! Turns out, she didn't want to be in our room at all! Once she was in the baby nursery, she was happy as a clam!!! Not one tear! So the 3 kids, Sarah and I got down to business in our class!

After service I had to wait til the twins got picked up, and then I was free to go...Howie and the kids went to the truck and I went in search of the pastor's wife...and ended up chatting with the twins' mom...they're getting TWO puppies sometime this week! TWO of them!! They're red poodles...and just about 8 weeks old. But TWO of them!?!?! I thought she was insane til she explained it to me...they have 5 kids from ages to have just one puppy, he/she might get over loved, so to have two, they share the love around. Plus the pups will have a ready made playmate....and she said she survived twins, she can survive two pups! I told her if she figures out the potty training to let me know what her secret is! lol

We got home from church and I made us all lunch...well 'cept for Howie, he wasn't hungry. He sat with me and read the paper while the kids ate outside at the picnic table.  Then he went and started the brush fire, we have SO much brush to burn off from the trees its insane! And we finally had 3 dry days...but turns out the middle and bottom had not dried up at all! So he didn't get near as much burned as he would have liked. I got laundry going...the toilet in the kids bathroom overflowed just after Howie went outside to work. So I laid multiple towels down and soaked it up...but it got the kids hamper wet, so I ran that load first. I emptied the dishwasher and re-loaded it up and got it running...THEN I finally headed out to help with the fire.
I helped a bit, but he had it I headed over to my garden to plant the butternut squash...I lost a cucumber along the way somehow...the start just fell over in the mound and when I broke the earth up, there was nothing roots, no nothing! So I put the squash in its place and gave everything a good drink! I'm praying this garden is a good one!! I also staked up the peas and beans...I bought some bamboo poles to make my own trellises...and then Howie gave me the genius idea to weave my extras thru it to create a "step" for them to climb up...I'd have never thought of that!

After dinner the kids and I headed to the shed to shop...they wanted to come with me...DJ ended up coming in the shed with me and picked out some vegan carrot cake muffins...he thought they were cupcakes with the icing on them...I let him think that! hee hee When we got home I let him carry them in so he could show Daddy and at the bottom of the stairs he opens them...and as I'm reaching for them (after setting my box down first) they up end and land on the cement...there goes the icing! I was able to salvage the cupcake/muffin part, but OY!

I made them get into their pj's first before partaking of the cupcake...Sam didn't care for hers at all...and DJ gobbled it up! Then we did teeth and books before tucking them in. Howie had some show on tv, slim pickings on Sunday nites he went to bed shortly after 9 to read. I watched Army Wives and was left bewildered as to what's going on! Then I watched a new show I had on dvr called Switched At Birth...I like the concept....but SO glad that didn't happen to me!!! Could you imagine finding out 16 years later that the kid you're raising is not your kid!?!?! That's just crazy talk! Then I watched another new show on Lifetime called The Protector...not sure how much I like it, but if I miss a few, I won't be too upset! Follows protocol for most cop meh!

Til next time...God bless!

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