Wednesday, June 8, 2011

He is FIVE!!!!!!!!!!!

This morning I woke up to no one, no dogs, no cats, no kids...fabulous!! Then I peek over at the clock and it was after 8...even more fabulous!!!! I then get bombarded with children...DJ came in to see me, then left, then came back and was going to talk to me, and realized what day it was...that was so cute!!!! I didn't get to get a word in, but the  moment was sweet. I can not believe he's five already!!! How is this possible!?!!? Its just not right!

Five years ago today, I woke up at 4:11 (my sister's height, so I'll always remember it!) with a major contraction that left me no doubt it was the real thing...I tried going back to sleep, but when they're coming every 5 minutes, that's not quality sleep! By 5 I got up and hopped in the shower (as per the request of my Dr) and woke Howie up with a classic "its time" line...then while he was in the shower, I woke my mom up and we headed downstairs to eat. I called in to the hospital and told them that even tho I was scheduled for an induction, I was in fact in labour...they said to come on in!

By 7 we were on the road and I had my last put in the most FABULOUS room in the birthing center and got checked on. By 10 they had me on pitocin to help speed up the process...DJ was doing fine and I was handling it well...they were coming strong but bearable. Around 4 pm, I was told now or never for the epidural and chose the now option...what bliss that was!! I'd done a couple shots of fentanol, and was able to catch quick naps, but with the epidural it was like I could breathe again.

Just after 6 I got checked and was at 6 cm dilated and the ob said he was going for dinner...and that typically it takes an hour per cm at this point. I looked at him and told him that I would be ready to push at 8...he scoffed at me. Sure as shit I was pushing at 8!!! Howie had gone home to let the Snickers out, and was rushing back to me, my mom was by my side coaching me along. Rather a strange thing to use muscles that were half asleep!

At 10:30 the Dr explained that he was stuck...and that my body wouldn't allow him to pass thru naturally due to an abnormal pubic bone...I looked at him and said "then what are you waiting for, get this baby out!" Two and a half hours of pushing is exhausting!!!  They prepped us all for surgery and wheeled me down with Howie in tow. He was the only one allowed in, but that was fine with me. At 11pm they plucked this little (well, BIG) baby out of me and pronounced him alive! No, scratch that, he announced himself!! That cry had me smiling from ear to ear...the only muscles I could move at this point in the game! They cleaned him off, weighed him, did their tests and handed him over to Daddy for me to see! He looked just like the ultrasound pictures we'd had done, only better!!! Truly a miracle!! And me made me a Mom in an heartbeat!

Today, I had the pleasure of watching him turn 5 and seeing just how far he's come. He's getting a little more sassy and lippy every day, and it totally reminds me of me...I can hear echos of my childhood when I speak to him, and when he talks back to alive, that's just scary!  The apple has not fallen far from the tree...the apron strings have made sure of that!  All day today, I kept wishing him a happy birthday and he'd thank me and kiss me....even Sam got some of that action...she liked it being his day!

Instead of making dinner, we took him out to Red Robin as per his request and enjoyed some burgers...then we went across the street to Freddy's as I told him he could spend his birthday money that he got...and he was desperate for another Power Ranger. No luck there. But we did find out that the first one was bought at a Target, and since it was only 7, we headed to the nearest one to us in Lake Stevens. Roam around their toy section and even asked someone to find out for us...again, no luck! But he was really wanting to spend his money, so in the end he chose a pair of binoculars...and of course pushover Dad suggests Sam get some too...then we find a helmet for Sam that's princess!!! And as we're heading to the check out we find Cars macaroni and cheese, so they each get a box, and then some bananas for breakfast, then I hop into the kids clearance section and pick up a shirt for each kid that's only 1.48!!!! How can I pass that up!?!?! I turn around and Howie's in the kids undies section and Sam needs new looser ones real bad, so she picks out Dora and is very happy!!! Finally we check out and head to the truck. The kids used their binoculars the whole way was cute!

Got them in bed and we sat down to watch the Voice...GO TEAM BLAKE!!!!! As if you wondered!! I will say tho, that Raquel totally blew me away...Dia was definitely a DIAmond!!!! And Xenia has a certain sound to  her that's really unique. Patrick shouldn't have sung that song, it didn't suit his voice at all! And Jared is okay....not my fave of TBS. CeeLo without his glasses looks goofy! Like a brown cue ball with eyes! The songs they all sang together were fabulous...I think TBS showcased the individual voices better than Team Xtina...but there could be some bias. I thought it was SUPER cute how at the end of the song Blake was looking for approval from Adam as it was his band's song.

Oh and Fifi...I read on Ashley's blog that we've not seen the end of Bentley...sad, but true...and on Chris' blog that she was warned repeatedly by him and other crew members...stupid is as stupid does!!! Man alive!

Til next time...God bless!

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  1. gawd, that girl has no instincts at all. I cant wait till the tell-all show when she's seen all the tape. it will be a tear fest and a fight to end fights. Shes dumb and he's still an ass


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