Saturday, June 11, 2011

The weatherman LIED!!!!!!

All week this week he's been WRONG!!! We were supposed to have 10 days of sunshine, and so far we've had 6 days of gray with one hour at the end of it all that's weak sunshine! I need my vitamin D!!!! Not to mention my garden needs it too!! Even still...,I can't believe how much green I see in the garden this year compared to last year!! SO awesome!!!

And Belle didn't get up til 6:35 this morning!!! WOOT!!! I briefly woke up when she did and Howie got her outside...and then the next thing I knew, it was 9 and Howie was getting ready for work. I love Fridays!!! I got up and the kids waited for me to make their breakfast of eggamuffins (Samspeak) meanwhile I'm seein Oreo evidence around her mouth...uh huh! Busted!! I make us all breakfast and then send Howie on his way to work.

At 9:45 DJ heads next door to see if the boys can play, but they were on their way out the door, so he came home and we watched Power Rangers movie together. That's a really strange movie...I must say! When they're in their gear they don't have faces...and you can't see their mouths when they talk...and there is no green one like what he got for his birthday...and its like a tame kid version of weird!! After that Sam wanted Strawberry Shortcake...more my speed! It was then I realized I was supposed to do the pizza run for one of the gleaners on holidays! oops!!! We hurried out the door and headed into town. Did the bank while we were there and headed back home. The kids ate pizza in the truck and I ate when we got home.

It took til later in the afternoon when the sprinkle rain stopped and then the kids went out to play...all of them were out there then! DJ even got to go to the swing park, but Sam chose to stay behind and play by herself without big kid (DJ) taking her toys. She enjoys playing alone! Of course, she's in and out of the house a lot more. Since they were enjoying themselves playing, I worked on my Avon email and got that sent, made a few phone calls, and took care of business. Made chili for dinner, but because I started it SO late, I snacked on almonds and ate when the kids were finally hungry. Which turned out to be 7:30! They gobbled their dinner down too!! I'd promised them we could go to the swing park with Belle and Snickers after dinner.

It was 8 (normal bedtime) when we headed that way....we took the ball thrower with us this time for the dogs. Belle got so worn out, we'd throw the ball, she'd chase Snickers half way and lay down and wait for her to come back with the ball...I got quite a chuckle outta that! We only stayed a half hour and then headed home to do bed time stuff. We were reading the last book when Howie came home from work, so he helped with the tuck in business. Then I got his dinner ready for him and sat with him. Then he put on the Voice from last week...and then watched the CMT awards...which I didn't mind seeing again! Lots of good new songs that should be coming out soon! 

No knitting tonite as I was just enjoying rocking in my chair to the  music....Belle was pooped and it was nice to be left alone for a bit!!! Now I gotta get Howie's coffee ready for morning and hit the hay! I'm finally caught up in my Stephanie Plum series...and moving on to 14! I accidentally re-read 12 AND 13 thinking that's where I left off...I'd completely forgotten about 12, but 13 was a now its on to new stuff!! Janet Evanovich is an awesome writer if you haven't discovered her!

Til next time...God bless!

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  1. funny, is't it, how the weatherman has the only job where he can make a mistake almost every day & still keep his job?? I am a nurse, what would happen if I said "oops, my bad" every day? lol


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