Monday, February 21, 2011

It really bothers me when

Other people put a "label" on my kids!! A long time ago, someone told DJ he was now he hides behind that and says "I'm shy" as an escape route for not doing something. He is SOOO not shy!!! He has moments, but once he gets used to his surroundings and/or people, he's fine and warms right up. And I really don't like the kid he becomes when he's in his "shy" mode....oh so very clingy!!

This morning was pretty relaxed for it being a church morning....the times of the services changed in that they added an earlier service that meant the later service starts 15 minutes later than what we'd grown accustomed to...which is kind of nice to have that little buffer of time to get there. We had plenty of time before service started this morning, so I had DJ go and say his verses to one of his teachers for Awana...he's 3 verses behind right now, and knows them quite well...and to add another, sheesh! So, to say them today would have been fab, that way we can focus on this week's verse til Wednesday. But noooooooo he didn't want to say them to Miss Taylor...for whatever reason he was stuck on only saying them to Miss Michi and I didn't see her there today...which means she probably attended the early service. The woman has NOT missed a Sunday service at that church in 40 years!!!

So I took clingy boy back inside to our seats where he was a menace!!!! I hate when he's like this!! Altho, to be fair, missing the last two Sundays broke stride and its like he forgot how to behave during service. We had a woman join our service this morning who needed prayer, her daughter was across the street being taken off life support...that can not be easy! She's 26 and has/had cerebral palsy. Again, can't imagine! She sat in our row, and you could see her heart breaking!

We stopped at Freddy's after church....remember how I was shopping there yesterday...and as I was sitting at the light IN THE PARKING LOT leaving the store, I got a phone call that my contacts were in. Yeah, talk about frustrating!! No way was I turning around to find another parking spot and go in for we stopped on the way home instead. Which took forever!!!! Waiting for my turn was insanely long for whatever reason. You'd think I'd be excited to wear them, and put them in right away, but they went in my purse and totally forgot about them til about 8:30 or so, at which point, what was the point!?!? They're a different Rx, so I'll wait til tomorrow now. They're also a new brand to me, so I'm cautious.

After lunch the kids went outside to play with the kids next door...Howie plugged in the freezer and claimed the couch. I put a couple trays of water in the new freezer so we'd know when it was ready and then got started on laundry. Oh my word the laundry!!!! I think Howie tries on clothes and then tosses them in the laundry!!!! How on earth can one man make 3 loads of laundry in less than a week!?!?! Back upstairs, I got busy cleaning the kitchen so I could see the counter top...all the while doing some Avon work.

The kids came in, and wanted a movie, so I put Netflix to work!!! :) Love all the options of kid movies! Love the instant queue and how it just holds the movies right there! The kids like it too!! And there's no commercials...and its longer than 22 minutes! So far we're quite happy with the multitude of VeggieTales movies!!! Yes!! I found even more when I did a search, so we have even more!!

My girlfriend Shirah came out to visit...she just got a car last week and finally got insurance coverage today and wanted to go for a she came up to see us!! Haven't seen her in about 4 months or so, it was good to see her!! Sam was thrilled to have someone to show off for and DJ was back into his clingy mode...which was okay for the most part, as he sat with me while we all chatted, but when I tried getting up to go get dinner started, he was annoying. Even got sent to his room for his defiance! urgh!

Since Shirah wasn't staying for dinner (I did ask!) she took off just after 6 and headed home to make her own dinner for her boyfriend...see, there was a good reason! We ate our dinner and then the kids went wild!!! I got busy taking the food from up here down to the new freezer for proper freezing! There's SO much space in the new freezer I didn't even fill it up half way!!! Truly awesome!!! I made a deal with Howie, he gets the freezer of the fridge down there, and I get the new freezer...altho, right now I still have stuff in there so it won't have to work so hard to keep nothing frozen.

Once the kids went down for bed, quite quickly, I ran to the shed to great salads and some veggies...even 2 small sweet potatoes, which will be allowed this next week!! Finally a different colour than green for our food!! :) I also learned, sadly, that my parents have both CHEATED on themselves!! Stray Reese here, crumble of fudge there, and some black licorice were involved!! Thought they'd be stronger than that...I've had AMPLE opportunity to indulge in the sugar world, what with having two kids, but never once did I!! Not even while pms'ing badly!!! tsk tsk!

When I got back from the shed, I got comfy and watched the first episode of Amazing Race: Unfinished business!! LOVE that they brought back some really good teams!! I'm rooting for Jet and Cord, tho after tonite, they're not doing so hot and its only the first leg!! YIKES! Then I watched Desperate Housewives, which totally had me cracking up!!! About the boys moving out on their own as the mom felt they needed to learn how to grow up...hahaha makes me think ahead to Jake moving out and not knowing how to do anything for himself really!

Til next time...God bless!

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