Monday, February 14, 2011

All by myself

This morning no one got up til 8:45!!! How insane is that!?!?! DJ came to the bed at 7:30 but fell back asleep til Sam came in at 8:45...totally wild! Even Howie slept in! And he never does that! So the three of them got up while I continued to be cozy all over the bed by myself!!! About 9:15 I got up and had a shower and got ready for church. I came out and the kids were still in pj's so I sent them for clothes and then made breakfast for Howie and I as the kids had already eaten. While we were eating, Howie mentioned how much more sick he feels today than yesterday...and with both kids coughing and runny noses, we decided not to go to church and spread the love germs. So I got a load of laundry going, and got the kids dressed anyways, and then got my Avon stuffs together to leave...all by myself!!

I grabbed a Blake Shelton cd...his greatest hits and plugged it in and I was on my way to Lynnwood. I had few deliveries to do since I'd done the majority of them Friday, but I did have books to hand out. Hardly anyone was home so I just dropped books and went on my way. My usual lunch spot wasn't home, so I headed to Joann's and ate in the parking lot...then went in and wandered....all by myself!!

On the way home I stopped at the shed...and got those shoes I posted on fb last week....the Steve Maddens...size 10...stilettos...yeah, I'm crazy, and will probably have no where to ever wear them!! I put them to show Howie and he stood up next to me and was to my shoulder....ha! In any case, the gal at the shed was putting stuff away, so I helped her for an hour putting everything away. Then I shopped and headed for home.  Howie had dinner under control and turned it over to me...bunless burgers were the menu! So while the kids' noodles were cooking and our cauliflower steaming, I sat with my babies. Samantha, upon my return, came to give me a hug and said "we still love you!"  WHA!??!?! Where did THAT come from!!!! Made me chuckle! Silly girl!

The kids dawdled thru dinner and soon after it was time to get ready for bed...DJ kept begging for me to let him take a shower...used every excuse too! HA! Crazy kid! Finally they were in bed and asleep quickly as they'd had some outdoor time this aft since it was such a gorgeous Spring like day!!!!!! Hope there's more of those to come!!

Once they were tucked in we watched the Grammy's...which were already 45 mins in which is nice not to just fast fwd the commercials, but those performers that I've never heard of! Can someone explain to me Lady Gaga's outfit/song!?!?!?! The shoulders looked alien and just plain weird!! And the whatevertheywere coming out of her forehead. I'd be willing to bet she's a really pretty girl underneath all the freak! I saw a status on fb that I stole about her too..."Lady Gaga went to the VMA's dressed as meat, now she's at the Grammy's in an egg. Two more red carpets and she could be a Denny's Grand Slam"  Oh this cracked me up!!!

Another "wtf" moment was Cee Lo Green's outfit for his performance...he looked like what would happen if you crossed a peacock and a rooster with a disco ball!! SO weird!!!!! And don't get me started on Mick Jagger...cuz I don't need him!! How old IS he!?!? I'm almost afraid to find out....what if he's the same age as my dad!?!? That's sad!! He has not aged well, let's put it that way!!!

And the final winner of the evening for record of the year was for some band I've never even heard of til tonite...Arcade does that happen!?!? I knew 3 of the 5 up for the award and they choose the one no one's ever heard of!! And then they hijack the stage to "play" another song...yeah, I put Desperate Housewives on instead! lol

Til next time...God bless!

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