Thursday, February 17, 2011

Its baaaaaack!!!

This morning the kids were up about 8:30 and happy as all get out!! Breakfast was consumed in a timely manner and the sun was shining!!! Sounds like the start to a good day no? It definitely was! About 10:30 DJ wanted to go next door to play, but I reminded him that the older two have he may not get to go in. Good compromise: all four of them played outside in the sunshine!! PERFECT!!!! Well, Sam didn't really play with them, she does her own thing, like digging in the dirt...not sure what she's looking for, but she digs anyways.

It wasn't long before Sam came in the house cuz she was done...I thoroughly enjoyed the quiet and got some stuff done phone wise. When Sam came in, I settled her with a Dora and hopped in the shower. Still sounds like a perfect morning doesn't it??

DJ came in just as I was getting lunch ready for us all to eat...he wanted K and C to join us, so K ran home to see if that was okay, and came back to say "no thank you" and take C home. DJ was okay with this as we were eating lunch and heading to the hair dressers anyway and he'd get to play with LT there. Thankfully neither of them dawdled too much...and I'd started lunch early enough to make sure we had time. Just as I'm preparing sippy cups and the kids are getting coats on, Samantha announces she needs to poop...great timing! So off she and I go and she does her business. DJ went and got in the truck...with explicit directions to get into his seat and his seat only! By the time we leave the house, we're already  5 past the time we were supposed to be there for...thankfully she only lives 5 minutes away!

We arrive and she gets started on my hair first....while mine is colouring, she cuts DJ's hair and he goes back to playing. But he doesn't really, he stays in the room with us playing. This should have been my first clue! He's been begging to play with LT for ages and now that he has a chance, he doesn't!?!? About 3 we leave for, lookin like the age I claim to be!! YES!!! And DJ looking very dapper!

About 4 DJ came to me and said he was cold, could I please cover him up on the couch...should have been clue number 2! I bundle him up and do the same to Sam who's copying her brother. When Howie comes home, I want DJ to amaze him with the 3 verses he knows for Awana tonite...but he doesn't want to and is whiny...clue number I hug him and realize he's burning up!! 101.1...go figure! Its baaaaaaack!! Instantly the tears start as he realizes he'll be missing out on Awana for the 2nd week in a row....but I calm that by saying he can wait up for me again...only this time IN pajamas!!

Since its "Starve a fever, feed a cold" I offered toast and jello for his dinner...and he was happy with that...but I think even just the act of sitting up at the table was too much for him as he was tearing up and crying for no apparent reason. I told him he didn't have to eat and could to back to the couch which he did right away. Poor guy!!  He was distraught when I left for Awana but was placated with some water and some Daddy loving.

I raced home from Awana...even left early since I wasn't waiting for him to come out of class...and he was asleep when I got in the door. Howie said he must have just fallen I sat on the couch to feel his head and he I carried him to bed and laid with him for a bit before tucking him in. It really breaks my heart to see him suffering so! I just wanna hold him the whole time and let him know its gonna be okay.

After saying good nite to him, I come out and get Howie's lunch and coffee ready for tomorrow...just as I'm finishing,  he heads to bed....I got him some Breathe Right strips and he said last nite was a better nite's sleep in a LONG that's good to hear! I sat down and flipped to Survivor! SO excited for this to be back on tv! Even more so cuz Boston Rob is back! Smooth Operator!!!! I'm most DEFINITELY on Team Rob!! Team Russell can youknowwhat!! It should be interesting. I was positively FLOORED with how the first tribal council went down!! Absolutely stunned!!! Who the heck does Phillip think he is!?!?! WOW! Just WOW!  Then I watched Off the Map...this show is turning into my Wednesday fave...along with Surivivor now...but it's gripping!! Cheech is a good addition to the cast too! DJ woke up just as I was starting this one up, so we rocked and talked for a bit...he said he couldn't sleep...which is translation for "I bumped into the wall too many times and woke myself up" I got him settled after a good 20 minute snuggle...he sure did warm me up! Here's hoping he'll sleep right thru. He didn't want any medicine, so I pray whatever is in his system leaves it just as quick as it came back!!!

Til next time...God bless!

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