Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fever: Part Deux

Last nite about 12:30 DJ woke up and wanted to snuggle with me...that's when I noticed his fever came back...poor guy! I ended up rocking him back to sleep and then attempting carry him back to bed...bad idea! He weighs WAY too much for me to be doing that  now! In any case, he woke up and wanted to pee, so I took him and then tucked him back in bed. Came back out, blogged and went to bed myself. As I'm reading he woke up about 2:25 and said he was I check him and he didn't pee himself, so I didn't know what he meant til I ushered him back in bed and noticed the puke...lovely! So we put towels over the puked area, and changed pajamas and gave him some Tylenol. He went back to sleep and I hit the rack too. Next thing I know, it's 7:30 and I'm part of a t-bone being cooked!! His fevered head was up against my back and it was HOT!! Sam was what woke me, so I shushed her, she laid down next to DJ, sideways, and went back to sleep til 8:30! WOW! She woke up and went and watched tv...DJ slept til 9 before he got up when I did!

I didn't let him have breakfast, but did give him some watered juice while Sam and I had breakfast. Then it was Avon, Avon, AVON!! As of yesterday, I had 2 orders....then this morning, I got 8 more!!! Sheesh!!! Talk about stressin me out!! I literally submitted my order with ONE minute to spare!!!! And then realized I'd forgotten to get bags and completely forgot an order!!! ACK!!!! Then I discovered the order for new brochures didn't even go thru!! NOT kool!! I then call customer service over in India, and find out that books were indeed not in my order...and if I ordered them separate, blah blah blah extra fees....crap! So I call my upline and ask if she'll put my extra stuff in, and sure enough, no problem! OY!

Once noon hit and the order was submitted, I could breathe!! I then sat with fever boy on the couch and snuggled with him til lunch. Since the liquids stayed down, I told him he could have a half english muffin and a cheese stick...he was very happy with that news and gobbled it right up. After lunch we went back to snuggling and watching VeggieTales...he then fell asleep and I let him be. Put on some Dora for Sam and went and grabbed a shower as I had a meeting tonite.

Howie came home while I was in the shower and DJ woke up then, so he only got about a half hour nap...whew! I'd much rather have had him nap in the morning, but sick bodies do what they need to do. About 5 I headed out, and it took multiple hugs and "3 more kisses" before I could leave...even then he was teary eyed. I told him he could wait up for me to get home before going to bed. He was happy with that.

The meeting was good! All about skin care and how it compares to what's available in the mall and price comparisons. Very interesting! I even managed to score a night cream of what I use which I'd just run out of! Sweet!! I must say, it was VERY hard to ignore the pizza and just eat my salad....and the chocolates on the table...torture!!! But I was strong and stuck to my salad and water (shockingly, no caffeine AND sugar free soda...bummer!!) with lemon and a sweet and low in it.

I got home and DJ was still up...not even in his pajamas!!! So I got him ready and into bed and kissed him good nite! About 15 mins later Howie said he heard Sam crying, so I went to investigate and she was sound was DJ calling for me cuz he had to tell me "5 more things"...that he wants a red rocket, a red car, a red truck, a red boat and a red school! And Sam wants all that in yellow! Oh, and I'm gonna build two houses, one red and one yellow and they'll beside each other. Ok....and his fever he was extra chatty...just like his

Glee was FANTASTIC tonite!!!! Well, except for Puck's song...hate that song! Rachel's song tho...LOVE that song! And I got goosebumps hearing her sing Katy Perry's Firework!! Chills!!! Just awesomeness!! Then I watched Parenthood...another great drama show! I started out watching it for Lauren Graham from Gilmore Girls, but now I enjoy watching it! Then I took a break to make myself a cup of tea and here I am...debating whether to go watch The Good Wife or go to bed...I did make a sleepy time we'll see!

Til next time...God bless!

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