Monday, February 7, 2011

Carb Overload

This morning I woke up to a mass of heat next to me....DJ...and he was fevered. Poor guy! He got up at 7:30 and next thing I know its 9:30 and Howie's waking me up for church, but tells me DJ's still fevered, so we decide to stay home. I then got another hour of sleep before fever boy came to snuggle with me for a few minutes. I really don't like when he's sick...but man, I do love his calmer behaviour!!

Since this is the last day before South Beach takes over our lives...we carbed it up! Seriously!!! lol Starting with french toast...not just any french toast either...this was made with Cinnabon had bursts of cinnamon in ever!!!! Even tho the kids had eaten breakfast with Howie, they each had a piece it was that good!! DJ even ate a whole piece...thankfully he hadn't thrown up, and so far was keeping food down. Tough to get sick when you're in the middle of a growth spurt!

Then the house became the center of activity...Howie went down the garage and cleaned/organized....I'd broken a coffee cup down there, but was in the middle of chaos at the time and left he cleaned it up for me and then spent a couple hours down there cleaning. I can now park in the garage again!! Sweet!! While he was busy out there, I got dishes done, and laundry put away, and magically made 4 more loads appear at the snap of my fingers (I know...I'm superhuman!!) Then did the kitty litter and took a shower! Then since I was done needing hot water, I got the dishwasher going and the laundry 3 of those 4 loads washed...gonna start the last one before I head to bed here.

Lunch was late, since breakfast was late...but first I gave Howie the hair cut he was begging for! While he showered I got lunch together...yesterday I'd bought some sushi at costco and decided that was going to be our SuperBowl snack! Worked out perfectly and was delicious!!!

Then THE game began....I was more interested in the commercials and the halftime show of the Black Eyed Peas...could care less about the game itself...that was tweeting time for me...chatting about all the commercials just seen. Doritos was pushing the envelope in a WTF kind of way...but still funny! The VW commercial with Darth Vader wins my fave vote!! I'd seen it last week, but seeing it on the big screen was just as funny!!!! The half time show was great...but I'm a fan...have been for a while! It was quite funny to watch on twitter how all my country music fans were disgusted! I got a chuckle outta that!!! 

Dinner was mix matched...and in 3 shifts! The kids ate first...DJ wanted round round toast he got! Sam wanted a hot dog, but warm, and that's what she got! Howie got the last of the chicken wings and fries and I was going to have the ravioli, but once it was cooked up, it showed its freezer burnt side! And truth be told, I wasn't hungry at that time. So I got busy making his lunch for tomorrow, which is going to take a bit more effort than before! And instructions apparently! lol  Then I had a bowl of cereal, which the kids helped me eat!

DJ's fever bounced around all day...up and down and up...he kept having me check his was cute! While there had been no vomit involved...we didn't let him have any crystal light for fear of what he'd do to the carpets again. He understood amazingly and didn't fight the lack of fruit water. By bed time (actually by 7:09) we were ready for them to both be in bed!! Even tho he's fevered, he still managed to bring SamSam to tears many times with stupid stuff! I was more than ready for the game to be over and to watch Glee!!! I even heard Howie say "if Glee comes on before I get out of the bathroom, hit pause" WHAT?!?!? He'd been seeing all the ads for the show and wanted to watch it! Um okay!

Of course, it came on while he was in the bathroom and then it was bedtime for the kids! So once they were in bed, we sat down with the last of the homemade ice cream and watched it. LOVED it!!!! Every single second of it was awesome!!!! And I'm not a fan of zombies! lol The best part...another Glee on Tuesday!!!! SWEET!!!! Then Howie went to bed and I watched Knocked Up on tv...I'd seen it before, but there was NOTHING else on and the movie I recorded the other nite lied to was 4 episodes of Golden Girls.

Til next time...God bless!

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