Saturday, February 19, 2011

Preview Day

This morning there was NO trouble getting kids up and moving....DJ was already in bed with us, and Samantha came in about 7:45, which was good...we had some snuggle time and talked about what was going to happen today.

Today was Kindergarten preview day at the school we want DJ to go to. Boy, was he excited too!!! He ate breakfast pretty quickly and hustled butt to get socks and shoes and a coat on...I was impressed! Of course, when it's something HE wants, he will move quick! We were a tad later leaving then I wanted, but still made it in time to watch him get settled. His teacher's name is Mrs Hughes, so that was funny to him, but really easy for him to remember!!! And she has a niece named DJ, so he'll be easy to remember too!! In fact, she already knew his name before we came in the wild!

He found a spot to sit and colour before we left the room...he looked SO proud to be there!! Like he was born to be there!! I did manage to snap one picture of him colouring but he wouldn't look at me...even still, you can see the smirk on his face! There were no tears from him, no "don't leave me" cries...nothing! Samantha was the one doing the crying cuz she wanted to stay with him and go to "stool" too!!

Instead, she and I headed to the gas station and then to costco to do some grocery shopping. We got there before the doors were even open!!! Never done that before!!! At least, not with kids! So she kept on watching her movie, and I played on my phone before we went in. I forgot how nice it is to shop with just one kid in tow...and when you go early in the morning like that, there's no samples tempting you!! Kinda  nice!! And she was her own almost 3 way! She did keep asking where DJ was and when we were picking him up! Awwww

Once done there we headed back to Monroe...but still had 40 mins to kill, so I went to the co-op there and got the dog food and then headed back to the school to wait. Sam had her movie and I had my phone again...and the sun was GORGEOUS today!!! Even had to crack the windows it was getting so warm! Just before noon we headed in to get him...but the class was on their way outside to meet parents (must have missed that memo) so, good timing on our part! DJ was first in line, so he grabbed my hand as we walked out. Said thank you to the teacher and that he'd see her in September.

The whole way home he chattered on about how much he liked school and wants to go back tomorrow! LOL I explained that tomorrow was Saturday and there was no he settled for Tuesday which point I explained it would be a long time til he gets to go back every day! He didn't like that. at all!!

As I was making lunch he showed me all that he'd done in's letter was F...for Frog and boy things! He even told me that red or blue frogs are poisonous...I'll have to look that up...but that he even remembered was awesome!! Even sang the song 5 speckled frogs...all by himself too!!! They had even done a plate with the cycle of the frog...from egg to tadpole to frog...and he explained it all to me...pretty darn impressive for 3 hours of school!!!

As soon as lunch was done, both kids were outside in the one point DJ even had his shirt off (all 4 boys next door had theirs off too!) thankfully that didn't last long and he had his stuff back on quick! It did get to 51, but still not really shirtless weather! Sam even went out to dig while it was nice and quiet I got busy working on my Avon emails and got them sent! Sam came back in as she got chilled and was done playing. DJ came in about 3:30 too so we all snuggled and watched some Dora.

I'd bought a roast chicken at costco, so dinner was half done...still didn't get it served til 6:30 as it took me that long to get everything else ready...underestimated myself! Hate when I do that! Means cranky hungry kids! It was tough, but worth it, to pitch all that roasted goodness called skin....SO tough!!! But I'm realizing that animal fat is NOT healthy...and fat in means fat on!! Who'da thunk it!!

After dinner I got a pounding headache...and badly craved chocolate to cure was one of "those" headaches....NOT fun!! Instead, I took some advil and decided that bathing the kids was not in my best we got pj's on instead and they ran wild...apparently they're alligators Usually DJ's a Chihuahua and Sam's a kitty alligators are funny to see!

Finally got them in bed about 8:40....with the promise that he could stay up and wait for Daddy...but had to do it in his own bed in case he fell asleep (HA!) and on that note he was asleep in 5 minutes! Sam was another story...she was out of her bed twice...once to hug DJ and the other for no reason. Thankfully it got quiet quickly and I was able to sit for a bit til Howie got home from work. Once he got in I got his dinner ready and went back to watchin tv. The headache had subsided at this point a bit, which was nice!!! I was afraid it would turn into a migraine!

Til next time...God bless!

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