Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Contacts

This morning the kids were up normal time...busy playing between Sam's room and the living room...by the time I got up, we were all hungry for lunch...they weren't in a snuggling mood :( sux for me!  Today marked the start of phase 2 with South Beach...I survived the two weeks of hell with NO sugar!!!! I have such a genetic sweet tooth I didn't think I could do it, but I did!! I wish I had a number to give ya, but with the pms bloat, I'm still at 15 lbs down...Howie's down 13 lbs since starting!!! Awesome eh?? I think so!!!! I think it may have been just as hard on him as it has been on me...he says he's not a dessert guy...that's cuz he was eating it for breakfast!! lol In any case, the Fibre One cereal and strawberries that I had for breakfast were absolutely heavenly!!!

After breakfast we kept on working on the laundry....DJ gets the whole process quite well...and is begging me to let him do the soap part, yeah, that makes me nervous! About 10:30 he asked to go outside to play, so I bundled him up good as I knew how cold it was out there...boy was it cold!!! They were busy working next door, so he came home and we hit Netflix up for some Larry Boy movies...mixed with Dora! The other day, DJ was telling us what colour things were in Spanish!!! Truly amazing!! I think schools need to start the second language portion of their school career much earlier than high school!

I digress...just as we were sitting down for lunch the door bell rang...K was asking if DJ could play outside...so as soon as DJ was done eating he was bundling up again to go outside. I kept Sam in cuz it really was too cold out there for my tropical flower!! She wasn't pleased with me about this decision and let me know many times...especially when I was on the phone!!! Tomorrow is order day, so I was busy calling people I don't have emails for.

Not long after he went out...they both came in to play...and they were hungry for a snack!! Goldfish all around and some VeggieTales to munch to...perfect for them!! About 3:15 we all loaded up in the truck and went to the shed so I could do books...MAN WAS IT COLD OUT!!!!! I'm not kiddin either!! Thankfully it didn't take me long to do what I needed to do...and we were headed back home. Like a dummy I checked for mail...a I was closing it up, I remembered it's a holiday...d'oh!

The kids went back to playing and I went back to Avoning...wasn't too long after that Howie came home from work...soon after K asked if he could go home...so cute when he does that! Used to be, he'd just leave and we'd all hear the door squeak shut. I toyed with him and said no, but he knew I was joking! DJ tagged along with him and played at his house for a bit...again I kept Sam back much to her chagrin...but we played for a bit and she got Caillou instead of hockey...spoiled girl! We were getting dinner ready when DJ came home...good timing really!

After dinner I bathed the kids...is it possible that Sam's skin doesn't like baths?? She was fine before the bath, but as soon as she got wet, the red of her skin showed instantly!! And it was angry red too! I think I'll skip the oatmeal next time too...poor thing! She doesn't complain, but it doesn't look fun! DJ once again enjoyed his shower time...this totally cracks me up how fast he turned around. Once they were in bed we watched HIMYM and enjoyed it. Howie went to bed shortly after that tho...and I settled in to watch the Bachelor...after getting Howie's lunch and coffee ready first. I forgot to make him breakfast for this morning....gosh, I felt bad about that too!! So I made darn sure I didn't forget tonite!

I missed the first hometown date...and go figure, it was the Seattle one with Chantal...darn it! I hear her parents house is nice lol. The date with Ashley was okay, but awkward in a way...she was trying to prove too much...or trying too hard to show her affection...something doesn't quite add up for me there. Shawntel's date was just plain creepy!!! And a total ad for her family's business. You could tell her dad was quite upset about the thought of her moving so far away and not taking over the family business. You could also see he wasn't as into the date as she was. The date with Emily was sweet!!!!! I was worried at first that the meeting with her daughter and Brad wasn't going to be smooth, but it turned out great!!! And the fact that it was just the two of them and no other distractions was awesome! And so natural! When you have a family, home is where you're at most times. I did chuckle at his trepidation not to kiss while her daughter was upstairs...and it cracked me up when she said, she'll always be upstairs sleeping!! I'd have smacked him for that! lol So, now we're down to two blondes and a brunette...interesting! If he's really into brunettes it'll be Chantal for sure...and I find it funny that she was the first one out of the car and slapped him...remember that? I do! I'm sure he does too!

Til next time...God bless!

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