Sunday, February 27, 2011

Can we just say


Oh its SO freakin cold!!!!

Nostril-hair-freezing COLD!!!!!!!!

This morning the kids got up just after 7 and Howie got up with them and I burrowed under the blankets and fell back asleep! When I got up, it was just shy of 10am...NICE!!! I got dressed without looking outside and under the pretext that I'd be heading out and delivering Avon.

HA! Joke was on me!! I was goin nowhere!! It had been snowing pretty steady since before 7, and wasn't likely to stop! Yeah, that put a crimp in my day's plans! So while making breakfast for me and Howie we chatted about the fact that we had no fresh food in the house...and that a trip to town was going to be a necessity! So instead of waiting til afternoon or something, Howie went and shoveled the end of the driveway...we don't have a snow plow for our street exactly, but the gentleman who lives at the very end of the street, who we chat with often when the kids are out riding bikes, has a plow attachment for his truck and so he goes up and down whenever there was piles of it at the end of the driveway. Well, its all ice now, so he only got part of it cleared, but enough to get out without ice scraping the bottom of the truck.

Since this was the first time out of the driveway since Monday for me, I had a list of places we needed to hit to cover my bases!! The main stop was Freddy's and we put the kids in Play Land just so we could walk around and check things out. Sure glad I did that...I found a winter coat for DJ for next year for a whopping 5.99!!! Yes, I'm serious!! And I even found a snow suit set for SamSam for an astonishing price of 17.99! Snow pants and a great coat!!! Insane!!! It was then that I got paged to the PlayLand...just as I was going to look for something for me...go figure! lol Turns out Sam needed to pee again even tho I'd took her before putting her in I signed them out instead and took them both to the bathroom.

As we were leaving Howie went to get a coffee, we'd tried before shopping, but there was this one person ahead of him that was annoyingly long, so he gave up. I swear, he said "I'm gonna go get that coffee" and next thing I look over and there's 4 people ahead of him and there was NO ONE there when he said that!! So I took the keys and took the kids out to the which point I lost Samantha. Just as I'm about to panic I hear her say "Mummy I can't reach it"...she was at the pay phone trying to put it back!!!! ARGH! So I hang it up and off we head outside. As we're walking she hops off the cart and makes like she's gonna cross the drive thru part of the entrance JUST as a car starts heading her way! I grab her and show her what she almost walked into. And promptly put her butt in the seat of the cart! What a rascal!! As we were leaving the parking lot, we got a red light and Howie stopped (normally) and the entire roof of snow fell down the windshield and gave us a such a start!!! lol

We stopped at the shed on the way home, which was perfect timing really, they'd just finished unloading, so I got first when that happens! We finally got home just about 2, Miss Samantha had fallen asleep, so we left her there to nap, and came in to eat lunch. When I got done, I realized she'd slept for over an hour, and that was enough, so I went to get her and she was just starting to stir. She asked for a cheese pizza with no basically she got a quesedilla! But she was happy!!

After DJ was done eating he asked to go next off he went...Sam meanwhile enjoyed sitting with Howie and watching, I took the couch and inadvertently took a nap! Love those unplanned ones!! Did fine til Miss SamSam was in my face!! Good thing she's so cute! DJ came back around then too, and wanted to play outside, so Howie got him bundled up...I took Sam to go pee, and bundled her up to go out too! It still hadn't stopped snowing!! Thankfully they were teeny tiny flakes! Sam was back in about 20 minutes later, and happy to be inside! Howie was taking advantage of the lack of "helpers" and was working on mounting the tv as soon as Sam saw there was measuring tape involved...oh, she was helping alright!!!

Dinner was late, but DJ came in just at the right time for it too! After dinner, in an effort to keep the kids away from Howie (who was supposed to go back downstairs) I put on the Kinect. My g/f Nikki had loaned us her Dance Central game to check it out. I am SOOOOO not a hip hop dancer!! Not by any stretch of the imagination!! Was fun tho! DJ didn't quite get he wanted to do his river rafting...I put that in and he did that a couple times before I shut it down as it was after 9 and bed time needed to happen. They both were out like a light pretty fast! So, Howie and I watched another episode of Dexter...still very bizarre!! Howie didn't want to watch another, so I put on a movie...New in Town. Quite enjoyed it! Such a chick flick! I got some knitting done, so it was a productive nite!

Til next time...God bless!

P.S. yesterday's news...just read Thursday....nothing more happened lol finally stopped snowing about 10:30!!! Sheesh!!! The snow globe finally stands still!! Please, no more shaking!!

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