Friday, February 4, 2011

If the laundry fairy was here

This morning I woke up with both kids...I vaguely remember Howie kissing all three of us g'day and off he went to work...and it felt like 5 mins later the kids were up! Hate when 3 hours feels like 5 it the other way around! In any case, DJ had to poop first thing and off he went...but I refused to wipe him up...he's 6 mos away from school, where they WON'T wipe his butt, so he needs to get over himself and do it. It took him an hour and a half and the promise of candy for him to do it....all I can do is shake my head. All those tears and the yelling was unnecessary! We talked about that too!

Once he was done we ate breakfast and he got a Pez dispenser of strawberry candy. He is definitely like my side of the family with his sweet tooth...Sam on the other hand is more of a salty girl, she just hasn't discovered salt yet. She prefers crackers over cookies and chips over candy.

The morning passed quickly! Before I knew it my growth spurting children were begging for more food!!! Its insane when they both get in these spurts! Good thing I got some Goldfish (the cracker variety) when I was at Freddy's the other day, they're both gobbling them! Today at dinner they both ate well (Teryaki) and then had Kinder Egg (last ones!!!!) and then each had a banana and more Goldfish!! Insane! And they were both telling me they're still hungry!!! NUTS! Speaking of, I should put that on the grocery list :)

The afternoon went just as quickly as the morning with kids in and out...mine and next door...they were all over the place! It was cold here today...but that doesn't stop them from playing outside! In fact, that was SamSam's fave part of her day, she told me so at bed time. But she also knows when she's done...and too cold to go on! And that means snuggling with me to warm  up...oh darn!! She's getting better at not being so elbowy and kneesy...makes for a better snuggling companion.

Before I knew it, I had 5 kids in here playing hide n seek and then dogs and cats, and then cops and bad guys...I could hardly keep track of what game they were playing...I only shut down the game of tag they tried to play. One by one they headed for their home and Howie came home to find it quiet...Sam on my lap and DJ on the couch watching Dora...or of the two.The boys then got started working on DJ's Grand Prix car...tonite was accessory painting and then letting it dry while we ate dinner and then he and I stickered it up to look like  real race car! He's very excited for the race. Its cute!!

I went to get dinner and both kids wanted to go with me, so they did. DJ gave me directions home, but wasn't quick enough at the second Y and told me to go right...boy did he get distressed about going the "wrong" way! I was actually laughing, he just couldn't tell in the dark. No, I'm not mean, just used his mistake to show him another way home. He kept screaming "I wanna go home!" til I got him calmed down and explained that it was a different way home. Then he missed our street, so I kept on going and he got disoriented again. This time he apologized for not paying attention. Sweet!

After dinner we did the sticker thing which morphed into them both doing stickers on paper (which is now proudly on the fridge courtesy of Sam) while I did up some Thank You cards from Christmas...and worked on my Awana project. Stupid me left the pen and address labels out that I'd been working on...which is just an open invitation to an almost 3 year She thought so! When I scolded her verbally she instantly sprung to tears...I swear, this girl needs to go into acting! But I know she was very sorry for it, and only messed up one label, so it wasn't too bad. Hopefully she'll think twice about touching pens again without permission. I can't believe she's gonna be 3 next month! Dang!

Once everyone was tucked into bed, Howie and I watched Big Bang before he went to bed...that show is seriously funny! Then I settled in to watch Grey's and Private Practice...both hilarious in different ways...Grey's with all their twitter talk...its funny! Then I watched one from dvr...Royal Pains....such a great show! I've said it before, but I do love any show I catch on USA network!!! And they have weird "season" times, so it fits in when there isn't much else on to watch...and especially in the summer when its rampant with reality crap shows.

Til next time...God bless!

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