Sunday, February 20, 2011

For a supposedly quiet day

We sure did get busy!!!

I tried sleeping in this morning and was thwarted!! DJ at 3 thought it was time to join us, but I got him back in his own bed right quick! Then DJ was up again just after 7, with Sam following shortly after and needing to of course, I'm the one getting up with her while youknowwho snored on. He did get up with them about 8 and I thought I'd get some more sleep!  Boy, was I wrong...between the cat using the bed as a launching pad and Sam coming in the room and leaving the dog, who wanted out, there was no more sleep to be had! So sad!!

I finally came out about 9:30 and made Howie and I breakfast and then made the grocery list up for shopping. By 10:30 the kids were both outside playing...even the neighbour kids were out already...the sun was gorgeous, but it was c-c-c-cold!!!! I headed out just before noon, all by myself! Oh, in the meantime, one of the ads I called on yesterday for a freezer called back and it was still available!! So we made plans for Howie to pick it up this afternoon! SO excited about this!!! Finally I can freeze happily!!!

While I was off shopping, the kids kept on playing and Howie did some reorganizing to make room for the 17 cubic foot upright freezer!! I finally got home just before 2 and made us lunch once I got the cold stuff in the fridge...DJ ate earlier, and Sam was just finishing up her lunch. About 3, Howie left to go get the freezer, and the kids were still outside playing, so I busied myself inside!! I signed us up for Netflix...was waiting for a couple things to fall into place first...but, I got it all set up....really easy to do too!!! Only did the digital part for now...til I get the hang of it...not sure if I want to mess with the dvd part or not. Depends on how much I find I can't have access to. For now, we've got quite the selection in the queue! That's kool!!!

Howie got home shortly after 5 and got the freezer into place...have to wait til tomorrow after church to plug it in...then I'm sure I'll have to wait more before I can put stuff in there! I hate waiting!!! lol As soon as he was done we got going on dinner...the kids were happily watching VeggieTales on Netflix...opened a whole  new world to them!! LOL

After dinner I absolutely had to bathe the dirty stinky children...and I think we finally got the whole "shower" deal figured out!! He gets a bath for the first part while I'm drying and dressing and flossing and brushing Samantha, then when she's done, I wash him up like he was having a bath...but at this point we drain the bath, and he rinses off with a shower. Pretty good compromise if you ask me!! And he's happy with the arrangement! They both went to bed SUPER easy what with the 6 hours or so of outdoor time!! That oughta do it for sure!

Once they were settled I hopped in the shower....then Howie had one...we're now a clean family! :) Then we settled in to watch Dexter. I have heard SO much about this show and how people have gotten completely sucked into it, like LOST or with Netflix, we can start at the beginning and see what its all about. Since it was already after 9:30 when we started, we only got to watch one episode....and it's VERY strange!! I haven't got a complete opinion yet as I need to see more...and I've been told to get past the first few episodes as its freaky and gruesome. After we got thru the first one, Howie went to bed, so I watched The Bounty Hunter...funny movie!! I've been wanting to see it for a long time! And I thoroughly enjoyed it! Still not a big Gerard Butler fan...but I do love Jennifer Aniston!!

Til next time...God bless!

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