Tuesday, February 8, 2011

South Beach Stardate 272011

This morning was just like any other morning...woke up to DJ next to me....last nite about 11:30 he woke up and wanted to snuggle in the chair with me, so we did for a good 15 minutes...his fever had broken and he was very chatty. Put him back in bed and that was that. This morning he was in good spirits and wanting LOTS of food!! With no puking yesterday, he got his wish! :)

About 11 we got ready to head out to the shed to the books...I'd chatted with the hair dresser and we agreed her 5 week old babe was more important to keep healthy than my hair colour! We're rescheduled tentatively for Wednesday. Off we went...in the pouring rain!! blech! We were there all of 20 minutes when we were joined by another mom and her 4 kids...of which DJ and Peter are friends from church...so the kids all got out and played...well Samantha took all of 30 seconds to find a mud puddle and land in it! yeah, not fun! She wasn't too thrilled about it all either...yet went in search of another puddle to jump!!

Since the gal at the shed was going to the school, she took the books for me and saved me a step! COOL! So I did some shopping and we headed home...just in time for lunch! As per the title of this post...today was day 1 of South Beach and surprisingly, I wasn't hungry til the evening. I did have to remind myself to eat the snacks tho. And late evening when everyones in bed, that's my toughest time!! So instead, I had celery and a laughing cow cheese...and then some jello. Just had a cheese stick before typing, and should curb anything hungries til morning. I did plan on a cuppa tea...but forgot and time got away from me.

The afternoon was spent just playing away! Then about 3:30 I put on some new Dora and snuggled with the kids on the couch...they weren't in a snuggle mood (for more than a minute that is) and ended up each in a chair sitting quietly! LOVE it! Howie came home and found us all mellow! He kinda liked it and mellowed out with us...well the kids found some energy at that point and were gettin wild!! So off they went downstairs to play...plus hockey (oh joy) had been put on the tv upstairs. Before I knew it, it was time for dinner and we got started on that. Stupid me forgot how to steam asparagus and I burnt the lot...yikes! I can still smell that charred chicken bullion smell...lovely!

After dinner I bathed the muddy monsters...Sam needed it! While her back, front and arms are doing fabulous ezcema wise, I noticed her bum and the backs of her legs were red and blotchy, so I made her bath another oatmeal one and did the same as two nites ago. At least she wasn't complaining about it...tho she did have her hand down the back of her pants a lot...gotta watch for that. They would have gone to bed easily if we could have figured out WHY their rooms were dark! Their fuse kept flipping within seconds of resetting it...we tried a couple different things and discovered Sam's heater was kaput! Once it was unplugged, everything else worked fine and the kids had nightlights once again. Whew!

Then Howie and I enjoyed a sugar free popsicle and watched How I Met Your Mother...such a funny show! After Howie went to bed I got the remote and watched the Bachelor...and shook my head! Michelle is one crazy broad!!! Did you notice they put the ages up of the girls...SO much easier to understand their mentalities now with the ages shown. According to Chris Harrison, its because the fans (us) wanted it and so they put them up. I really like him with Chantal, but she needs to keep her crazy in check! And talk about  manipulating the situation by telling him she loves him...ha! The chemistry with Alli and Jackie weren't there, so I'm glad to see them gone. I think they both knew it in a way too as their reactions were tame...tearful, but tame. I'm willing to bet that when Michelle gets booted off, there will be lots of "bleeping" going on!!! Britt and Ashley were super quiet tonite...they may be next.

Til next time...God bless!

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