Friday, February 25, 2011

Snow Day Part Deux

Well, we got another 4 inches of the white stuff...on top of the previous a lovely 8 inches made our world a winter wonderland!! All this snow is confusing my children tho...they keep asking if it means santa is coming again. HA!! So I explain winter and how it can snow whenever God wants it to...and DJ is accepting of this...Sam just says "alright" and moves on.

This morning as soon as breakfast was over they wanted to go out, but that only made me remember that their snow gear was in the washer, so I quick went down and put it in the dryer (with help of course!) and told them they had to wait til it was dry. And wait they did! Sorta patiently!! As soon as he saw the boys next door outside...he was checking the dryer...which was finally done!! So after makin them both pee I got them all bundled up and sent them out to play.

I do so love the quiet when they're outside!! I kept checking on them tho as it was FAR too cold to leave a window open to listen for them. At one point Sam had taken off a mitten to dip her watering can in a bucket of water...yeah, put a stop to that pretty quick!! She came in and got re-mitted and back out she went! I guess she was out there for 40 mins or so...and five mins after she came in, DJ came in too, but to ask if he could go inside next door. So off he went leaving me and Sam on our own for lunch.

She's such a sweetheart!!!! Lately she's been mimicking me and asking me "Are you happy?" and if I say no, she'll kiss me on the cheek ever so gently and say "all better now?" at which point, who wouldn't be!?!?! Little angel kisses they are!! She's also not big on lip kisses...she's constantly giving us her cheek to she's some kind of royalty!  She and I enjoyed our time together...we were just gettin set to watch a movie on Netflix when the front door opened and DJ came in with they watched/played together. Then they all got hungry, so peanut butter n chocolate sandwiches were made. I have to tell you, using Nutella is just pure torture to me!!! I can't even lick the knife when I'm done makin it...nor do I lick my fingers!! Such torture!!!

Howie came home to 3 kids....K went home shortly thereafter and DJ wanted to follow so, took it upon himself to follow, Samantha was distraught and wanted to go...but then K came back, (he went home to pee!?!?!) and DJ realized that K was staying for a bit...then C came over too...and the 4 of them played well! Before they left tho, I made all 4 of them clean up! Gotta start getting into that habit more!

Dinner was very late for us...almost 7 by the time we sat down...which made bath time later than normal, but I cut it short so we were done about 8:30 and off to bed they went! Without a fuss too!! Love that!! Love my little sleepers!! Just wish DJ would stay in his bed the WHOLE nite EVERY nite!!! That'd be nice!! lol

As I was tucking DJ in, Howie did the garbage run and then came in to watch BBT and Rules of Engagement with me before heading to bed. Even just the trip to the end of the drive with the garbage chilled him good!! As of right now, according the computer, its 24 out there...thankfully we had NO heating issues!!! After Howie went to bed I put Grey's on...interesting about the fertility drug side effects (affects? I don't know which one it is...forgive me!) And who didn't see Avery and Lexi getting together!?!?! Private Practice was thought provoking once again!! Shame she terminated her daughter's pregnancy tho! That broke my heart! And that kiss at the!?!?! lol Ahh the drama!!

Til next time...God bless!

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