Wednesday, February 2, 2011


This morning was a usual morning...both kids woke up before 8 and were for the most part, good...minimal fussing and they were playing well together. Breakfast, was equally good!! DJ didn't want to eat all his breakfast, so I let him off the hook, but explained that it meant no snacks between then and lunch...which he was fine with for an hour! He couldn't go next door as they were in school today, so he was somewhat bored and taking it out on me. Not a fun time!!! For either of us!

I was busy busy doing laundry (how on earth do we make so much to be washed so quickly!??!) and dishes, and also gathering myself up Avon wise as I had a date this aft to do some prospecting. Oh, and I completely changed the kitty litter up here just for kicks! LOL   And last nite, before I went to bed, I downloaded the pix from DJ's camera for him to see on the computer...he did get a couple good ones...remind tho to delete the bad ones before I even put them on the computer. Big ol black screen shot of nothing! He was very pleased to see his work n the computer in its own file tho. :)

Lunch was early, which of course DJ approved of! After we were done eating I got ready changed and put on some make up and got ready to go...the kids did too thankfully! We weren't out the door at the exact time I wanted, thanks to DJ having a meltdown about what coat to wear *shakes head*  Finally we were out the door and on our way to town. I spoke with my DSM yesterday and set up a date with her to show me how to prospect the grocery store while I'm shopping. And since Freddy's has play land, it was perfect for me to be able to go by myself...well, with get the picture.

Met up with her as I was taking the kids to the bathroom so I wouldn't get that "call" while in the store for one of them needing to mom move! And off they went quite willingly! She and I also went off walking around the store "shopping" but really looking for women who need an Avon rep or want to start their own business. Chatting all the while, she gave me some confidence and ice breaking methods (I know that right, as my mom is reading this to my dad, he's giving HER all the advice he'd give me, and I'm sure I'll be getting in the next phone call...) but also I'm noticing how when people are shopping, they're focused and don't want their concentration broken...I had a much easier time in checkout than I did walking around. Altho, the walkin around ended up with me getting dinner...roast chicken! YUM!

She challenged me to give away 5 books in the store...I did 8 by the time I left!!! I done did good!!! I also stopped in to the optical to see where my new contacts were as I'd just gotten my new glasses today in the mail and it seemed like a long time has passed without the new contacts. Seems that CIBA shut down the plant in Puerto Rico that makes the ones I ordered...AND they're discontinuing that line. ARGH!!!!! So of course a chat with the doc is in order as I won't do disposables....lovely!

We head home and Miss Samantha falls asleep in the last mile to the house...I'd been talking to her too!! Hate how easily she falls asleep...sometimes! We got home and when I realized it was almost 4, decided she was NOT getting the nap she wanted. DJ asked to stay out and was a CHILLY but sunshiny I said sure! Sam wanted too as well, but I made her come in and pee first. I thoroughly enjoyed the silence of the house and worked on emails. Before I knew it, Howie was home from work...and then Sam was in the house...and then DJ and D and K were in the long quiet! The kids played xBox while Howie tried sneaking away in the bedroom....I called Sam and sic'd her on him...he loved it too! The two of them had a giggle fest she she was done!

Once dinner was made I sent the boys home and we sat down to eat....I also decided to not bathe the kids so DJ would have time to go paint his car down in the garage...the Grand Prix is in 4 more sleeps y'know!! He's very excited for this! I must remember to look for stickers ala Lightning McQueen for the car...MUST! Sam and I enjoyed the time together and sat in the chair...til Howie came up, then she jumped ship, or chairs as the case may be! DJ took her place tho and it was all good!!

Howie was in bed about 5 minutes after the kids were in bed...he started decaf coffee today, and had a headache...of course, he didn't know he was switched til I asked how he liked it....should have just kept my mouth shut! Still smells like coffee to me!! But what do I know...I don't drink the stuff! The rest of the nite was knit poor knuckles...but my project is coming along!! Before I came on here tho, I went and took my contacts out as I was anxious to put the new glasses on...WHOA!!!!! What a HUGE difference!!! Not just the Rx, but the shape of the lenses, and how I see....not sure I like it! Everything now has a > feel to other words, the left side of the monitor that I'm looking at to type this out, is larger than the right side...and I don't like it!! Its making me dizzy and I now have a slight headache. I keep taking them off to give myself a break. I won't be reading with them tonite but they'll be on my night table to wear first thing in the morning. And I'll be calling the Dr tomorrow too! ugh!

Til next time...God bless!

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