Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ladies and Gentleman...

Start your engines!!!!!!

This morning I woke up to both an unpleasant and extremely pleasant sounds...the unpleasant happened around 6 when Howie's alarm went off...forgot to ask WHY it went off too! But he slept right thru it til I "gently" nudged him!! The pleasant...waking up a couple hours later to Miss SamSam singing outside my open door. Wasn't a "real" song, but she was just singing away in a soprano voice...which is unusual for her. Either way, I enjoyed waking up like that!

I could hear Howie and DJ getting ready to head out for the Grand Prix with fact, DJ came to see me long before they actually left and he already had his coat on! :) He wasn't excited at all!! Howie got Sam changed out of her pull up, potty'd and dressed before he left...and even put Caillou on for her. She's so quiet when its just her!! I got up slowly and even had to come peek and make sure she was still upstairs it was that quiet. I then got a phone call from Howie that once the car was registered, it was impounded til race time...which was 10 ...and they'd gotten there for 8:30. DJ's number was 101...they were the first ones to check in!

The boys got back just after 9 and I made Howie and I breakfast since the kids already ate...and then they took off, I got ready and Sam and I took off for the church. Since his number was 101 that meant he was in the first race...and it was literally a race to get there in time. We didn't make it...traffic, train name it! lol Good thing he raced 4 times in total! For a while there, he had the fastest time...til some of them fancy cars showed up! Of his four races, he took 1st three times and was 2nd by one 1000th of a second! that close!!! It was funny to see him all upset he came in second...gave me a good opportunity to talk to him about not always winning and how well he'd already done!  Once his class was done racing, he became somewhat bored waiting for the other two classes to do their races. His class was Cubbies and Sparks...the next class was TnT, which is my group, and Trek...the third class was adults. Yes, adults can race in this!!! I've already got my car designed for next year's race!!! In my head, that is...but I'll make it happen!! :D

It took a good hour or so before the final results were in...and DJ took 2nd in speed!!! SO awesome for him to win his first ever trophy!!!! He was so proud too!!! Ah, who am I kidding...I was bursting too!!! His smile was just awesome too!! It took the place of his train coin bank on the shelf in his room...its THAT important!!!

After the races we each kept the kid we had and went in different directions. The boys went to the train show a the fairgrounds...hitting the swap meet first...and then home. SamSam and I went to costco to do the shopping, had lunch and then finished the shopping at Albertsons and the dollar store. On the way from costco to Monroe she fell asleep...I knew she would and didn't even fight her. So when we parked a Albertsons, I laid my chair back and fell asleep too!! We both slept there for half an hour...what a great snooze!! She woke up a lil pissed my chair was in her lap practically...and told me sternly to put my chair up! First stop was the bathroom and then we did our shopping and headed home.

I called on the way home to see how the boys were doing and let Howie know where we were...we were gone 3 and a half hours at this point...and I woke him up from a doze...and he realized that DJ was too off the phone with me to investigate and posted a picture of DJ sound asleep on the toilet...he's really not doing well with the whole wiping his own butt thing. Oy!  We got home within minutes of him waking up so he was still a bit cranky. Howie unloaded from the truck and I put everything away...then he headed back into town to get propane for dinner....been far too long without!

After dinner I got the kids in a bath...I'm beginnin to suspect that Sam has either an allergy to milk or wheat...or she's got eczema. Poor thing! So the bath tonite was courtesy of Aveno...with an oatmeal body wash and oatmeal lotion. She woke up last nite about 11:30 and was complaining of having a "ratch" which means scratch for her. And instead of itching it, I rub her skin...but last nite I put the steroid cream on as she was all red...and wow did it help! This morning everything was tame! So to keep on that trend, I did the oatmeal bath. I also bought soy milk today instead of milk. With Howie and I going on South Beach, we won't be doing much milk...and Howie doesn't drink it I switched us! The kids, didn't even notice the change in their chocolate milk. I just need to change Howie's attitude about using it or the kids will pick up on that and reject it. So far, so good! And since putting them both to bed...not one little peep from either of them!!

Howie and I started watching Shrek the Third...we'd never seen it apparently! So he hit record and went to bed! I then dozed off for a power nap and found Bucket List to watch. What a great movie!! It was comical, but not really a comedy...and it wasn't til the very last scene that I was in tears. Fabulous movie!!

Til next time...God bless!

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