Friday, February 11, 2011

Another victim??

This morning around 3 something DJ woke up to pee...only he'd already done it in his bed...NOT the best place for it!!! Thank God there's waterproof (or in this case, pee proof) cover on his I cleaned him up, and brought him to bed with us...he didn't seem to mind a bit...and apparently neither did I as I have no recollection of waking up during the nite for feeling claustrophobic. Not bad!

Sam woke up this morning a little out of sorts...and she was warm to the touch...took her temp and it was normal...but still she wasn't "right"...she was thirsty, and helped herself to a cup of water from the bathroom. Smart kid! Til she tried drinking it while lying down!! In MY bed!! While laying next to me!!! Talk about a quick wake up!! That water was COLD!!!! The new sheets...beaded the water and I was able to soak it up with a towel quick!! She was wet too, so we got her dressed right away. She didn't know what she'd I explained it to her and she says "alright"

The sun was shining again...torturing DJ to no end! Who by the way had no signs of fever at all!! At least he was happy with the vacuum again...I told him he could do the stairs today when we put it away yesterday. Crazy kid! I will train him to be the best darn husband there ever was!!! In any case he vacuumed and took chocolate milk breaks...they both did as SamSam was managing the toy vacuum. LOVE it!!! By 11:30 tho, they were done cleaning and wanted Dora or Diego...and for me to sit with I obliged! Sam started coughing this morning too, and DJ's cough is moving stuff around, but he doesn't know how to spit it out...I keep telling him it's okay to spit it out. We'll see.

After lunch they were both wanting to go to the neighbours...and then about 3:50 they saw K and C out there playing...DJ took off like a bat out of coat even! So I called him back in for one and let him play...Sam meanwhile, was happy to sing along to Dora. There's also another program on Nick Jr that's Chinese in nature...and both kids were repeating it quite odd!! And yet, very kool at the same time!

While DJ was outside and Sam was quiet, I got busy working on tax stuff for Avon...and realizing the system I had in NO good!! And will be adjusting the "system" to work better for me....I also need to do it monthly rather than yearly!! Sheesh! I got most of it done that's good! Just a few more things take care of and off it goes to the CPA.

Howie came home just as DJ came in to pee and ask me to take him for a bike ride...which Howie had already promised from when he came in the house, he was attacked!! Barely had time to change and was out the door again! lol Both kids enjoyed it thoroughly! Even Sam said it was the fave part of her day! Awwww!

After dinner I gave them both a bath...Sam had an accident today too, so they both were in need of cleansing! Plus, she keeps taking her hair out of the ponytails, and then gets food in it...yuck! I will not cut her hair, but we need to find a compromise! She likes it wild and free!! I like it out of her face and her food! All the fresh air did them both wonders as they both fell asleep instantly! As soon as they were tucked in, I went and grabbed a much needed shower too! Howie then went to bed and I got settled in to watch Grey's and Private Practice...but a little Big Bang Theory first.

BBT was HILARIOUS!!!! I just love Sheldon's nonchalant way of saying things...the writers of this show are awesome!! And Leonard's dilemma was quite humourous too! Grey's was just all around good! LOVE that they addressed internet idiots looking for fame by destroying themselves and getting it on video! The new doc looks interesting too!  PP was thought provoking to say the least! In so many ways...the attacker returns wounded and the DNR situation...and then suicide...dang!!! Too much! Still good tho! Then I watched Royal Pains...another good one on USA network!

And yes, Angelia...I'm MORE than ready for Survivor to start up again!! Bring it on!! I'm on Team Rob tho!! :)

Til next time...God bless!

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