Friday, February 18, 2011

And then there was 9!

This morning I woke up on my own just after 8 to an empty bed!!! NO DJ crowding me!! This does not happen often!! Or at least, not often enough!! lol  In fact, Miss Samantha was the one who woke me when she closed her door behind her as she got up. She came in to snuggle me for a few seconds...but she really just wanted to know where DJ was. So I explained he was still sleeping and we had to be quiet for him. She didn't mind a bit! Came out to the living room and had the tv to herself! Quite content she was til she needed to pee. It was then I discovered the dry diaper...yippie!!!!!! Not quite two mornings in a row, but two mornings this week!!!! That's huge progress!!!

Just as I was finishing up with her, DJ woke up...8:45 is late for him!! He musta needed it tho. Last nite he banged himself against the wall too many times and woke himself up. He was still fevered when I put him in bed...but when I checked on him before I went to bed, he was cooling down...not as hot but still warm. When he got up this morning he was 97.3! These fevers are very weird!

After breakfast the kids got dressed and I did some kitchen work and packed us up a lunch. We were headed to Lynnwood and to North Seattle....first to do some Avon errands, and then to sign up my 9th rep! Who's really my 8th rep as I lost one :(  So, I keep plugging away trying to find more recruits! The gal I signed up today is a twitter friend of mine...and concert buddy! So I was thrilled when on a whim I asked her if she'd like to sign and she immediately said yes!!!! And to be honest, I think she'll do VERY well!!  YAY me!! lol

The plan was to leave at to be leaving at noon, was terrific!!! The kids were fabulous the whole way too! First stop was to my Unit Leader to get some stuff I'd forgotten to order in my last order...oy! Total blond moment! Then to drop off part of my order to a client. Then a pit stop at Joann's as DJ really needed to pee before going on further...and I had a really cool coupon that was 5.00 off anything priced 5.00....which I read wrong and tried to get something for 3.99...that's not how it works, so we headed out as we were running out of time. I did take 10 minutes to eat my lunch in the parking lot tho...I was famished!! The kids had already eaten their lunches.

We got to the mall we were meeting at about 7 minutes not too bad!! Met up with Angie and her little girl Sarah (my new friend, according to cute!!) and chatted about Avon and signed her up! Sam needed to use the bathroom and I have to say...I LOVE family bathrooms!!! Complete with the sink right in only complaint is how tall everything is! About an hour later, we were back on the road for home! Well not quite home...had to stop at Freddy's where I got some cauliflower and a cucumber. And for Sam to use their bathroom. oy! LOL

I then met up with Howie, who brought the kids home while I stayed in town for an Avon meeting with my district. First was a leadership meeting at 5 and then the regular meeting at 6....I sat quietly for the leadership one as I'm quite new in comparison to the other girls. The regular meeting was informative and garnered me many winnings with my tickets. I'd accumulated 6 tickets...4 of which were I got some cool stuff! Happy girl I am!!! I love me some freebies!!!

With the meeting being in town, I was able to be home before the kids went to bed. I was also able to sneak in the house undetected and scare the kids!!! hahaha Love doing that!! They thought it was great too!! They were already in pj's which was fabulous and so we chatted for a few before it was time to get them ready for bed. DJ was very excitable tonite and was VERY chatty!! Good to him be normal! Samantha was sneaky...while I was tucking DJ in, she needed to pee, which I think she did, or at least, I didn' hear otherwise. Then as I was in the kitchen working on Howie's lunch I had to go out into the hall for something and there she was sitting at the end of the hall quietly. As soon as she saw me she claimed she had to pee...but it was for naught! Little rascal!

Once they were settled and Howie came in from taking the garbage to the road, we watched Big Bang Theory which cracked me up!! Of course! Sheldon really is my fave!!  Grey's was poignant in showing all that can go down in one hour at a hospital! Matter of life and death decisions. PP was just sad all around!! And actually had me in tears at the end! So to cheer me up, I watched Royal Pains from dvr and had a good chuckle!

Til next time...God bless!

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