Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fever be GONE!!!!

This morning everyone woke up happy and fever free!!! And the sun was shining to boot!! No where near warm enough to play outside in of those deceptively sunny days just to drive the kids crazy...they might have lasted a whole 20 minutes if I'd let them out in it....which I didn't! Nor would I let him go over to the neighbours which he was begging to do! Sam too for that matter, but since she's been with him 24/7, she's probably got some germs in her that wouldn't be nice to share.

So we stayed home...playing and watching Dora or Diego...Sam's SO stinkin cute when she starts dancing at the end cuz "we did it, we did it, we did it YAY" She is cuteness personified!!! And DJ was in fine big brother mode being a little bully at times. Proof he was definitely feeling better! And is appetite was back in full force...constantly hungry!! Sam, not so much, and I swear she grew over nite! Could have been just cuz she was wearing all black, and black IS slimming!

After lunch, DJ wanted to watch a VeggieTales movie with me...but got distracted by the vacuum...yes, the vacuum!!! He wanted to vacuum his room...well, in order to that, he needs to clean he did! And he really did it too! Took all the toys out of his room, picked up the books, and stuffed animals and pillows and then vacuumed! At first he started with the toy one, I'd put new batteries in it yesterday, and then he just gave in and used the big one. How awesome is that?!?! I'm raising my own little cleanin fairy! Or fairies...Sam loves to wipe things clean with a wet wipe any chance she gets! So after his room, he asked to vacuum the living room...sure thing, just clean up all the toys and get them off the floor! Took a bit of effort, but he did it and then got to vacuum! Now, he's not 100% in doing the whole room...but he will do it for an area, and then empty the canister...cuz that's important don't ya know! LOL What a kid!! So I then did the whole thing after he said he was done, and even did the hallway. Looked good!

THEN we put the movie Howie came home from work to VeggieTales instead of hockey. DJ and I had chatted about Awana tonite, and I'd asked for advice on whether he should go or not, and the consensus was: 24 hours fever free or no going anywhere...and we'd have been pushing it time wise for the 24 hours part. So as I'm thinking about whether he can go, and rehearsing his verses just in case, he lays down beside me on the couch and BAM, there's the fever! So I tell him to take his temp for me, and its Awana!! Poor guy! He started crying right then and there!!! Wednesdays have sorta become our little date nite where its just him and me and we chat there and he was bummed! I was bummed his perfect attendance was going to be marred! :(

In the end, I went without him and it was odd...odd driving the car...odd listening to the radio and not a movie...odd not talking to anyone...just odd! His teachers missed him too! So he can either recite his verses on Sunday (providing he's well enough to go) or wait til next Wednesday. So, we'll keep reciting them here and move on. Howie let him stay up to wait for me again...but he fell asleep on the couch shortly after 8 once Sam was in clothes! So I got him jammied and into fun dealing with a half asleep child! He was still warm, but sweaty, so I'm hoping his fever breaks once and for all! I've had enough of this fever roller coaster!!! GONE!!!!!

Howie went to bed as soon as DJ was tucked in...or rather, while I was tucking him in...and so I had the remote to myself! First up was Modern Family...oh that was a funny show! Then the new one Mr Sunshine with Matthew Perry...meh, we'll far, wasn't sucked in right away. Then Off the Map...that amputation was gross!!! Turned my stomach and I had to look away. One question tho...if she was caught in a coral reef, or near coral as suggested wouldn't that mean they were in the ocean?? Which would also mean that all that blood should have attracted some sharks no?? hmmmm Good thing its Hollyweird!! Then I watched Castle, or tried to, started dozing off, so now I'm calling it a nite!!

Til next time...God bless!

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  1. Hollyweird. HA HA! You crack me up. Glad everyone is better. Fever yuk! Warm outside temps. Yay!

    Can you believe Survivor starts next week? Woot!


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