Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I wanna be a car guy

This morning I woke up with DJ once again suffocating my right arm...rolled him over to the other side and fell back to sleep. They both were up at 8:30 this morning...and Miss Samantha had a dry diaper!!! This is SO awesome!! I'd given up hoping for that for another 6 mos or so....every day is one step closer to being completely diaper FREE!!!!!! WHOO!!!

Today was my first day at my new job for the gleaners....calling pizza places and seeing if they have food to be rescued...and one of the places did, so I gathered up what I could for a trip to town to make it more than just a quick trip into town. The kids didn't ask for their movie, so I didn't put it on...and they just started rambling on and cute to listen to them converse with each other. Today's topics of conversation were: DJ wanting to be a garbage guy and Sam wanting to be a car guy...then we moved onto hair cuts and how DJ is ready for one, and Sam pipes up and says she doesn't ever want one...which morphed into DJ remembering the movie we saw a few weeks ago when my parents were here.

So we talked about it...he couldn't remember the name of the girl...but with a bit of prodding he did remember Rapunzel! SO impressed me that he was able to remember this from only seeing it once!! So we talked about how much and what he remembered...and he remembered it all...even where he sat in the theater. The boy has my memory!! YES!!!! lol Even Sam was putting her 2 cents in too! She remembered sitting with daddy and mommy and  being good! Which she was!

We did our thing and came home with pizza for lunch (duh!) and they were happy!! After lunch DJ wanted to vacuum for Jake's visit I let him. We also continued on with the laundry lessons!!! I'm really loving this! I then got to work on cleaning off the table so Jake would be able to join us at it!

About 3:30 DJ asked to go next door, and Sam said "me too!" so I made her potty first and then sent them both. DJ tried to not let Sam go with him, but I put a stop to that quick!! The silence that came as soon as they were both out the door was almost deafening! And glorious!!! I got busy working on some Avon stuff that I needed to do on the phone and having noisy kids in the back stealing my attention aren't good! Plus I needed to deal with some medical claims stuff for vision benefits. Howie came home to the quiet too! As much as he enjoys having them be excited to see him come home, he enjoyed being able to get changed and decompress before they did come home. Sam was first...and it was cute...Howie hid under the blanket on the couch and she TOTALLY played his game!! Oh it was funny!! She came up, asked me with a smile on her face, "where's daddy?" and then tip toeing over to the couch to rip the  blanket off him at which point he screamed BOO and they both burst out in giggles!! VERY cute!

DJ was home next and came home happy...and coatless...what a kid! The plan as soon as he realized Jake wasn't here was to find a good hiding spot! I told him to lay down in the tub with the shower curtain drawn...and he thought that was good! SamSam chose the coat closet...finally Jake arrived...his entrance marked by the duel exhaust noise. Since he didn't search for the kids RIGHT away, Samantha popped out of the cute! About 3 minutes later he asked if DJ was hiding too...and Sam said he asked "I wonder where" and Sam just gave DJ up in a heartbeat and said "in the bathroom!"  Ahhh so cute!!! She's just full of cute!!

Dinner was tasty! And everyone gobbled it up! Most of the dinner chat was about school and football...and it was good to get caught up on his life! He's growing his hair out...not sure what he's trying to achieve, but he's wearing a after dinner, DJ came out of the bathroom with one of Sam's on his head to be just like his big brother! Instantly Sam got up and went and got one too!! I should have gotten a picture...didn't even dawn on me til right now!!

DJ was antsy to show Jake the we set it up and played a few games. The boys did the car game and of course with Jake's sense of direction, he did much better! So they moved on to boxing where DJ beat Jake down with two (2!!!) KO's!! Then came ping pong, which somehow I got roped into playing...I lost by 2 points but gave him a run for his money!! Then the 4 of us played the bowling game...where I kicked BUTT!!!! Wasn't my best game as the kids kept interrupting all of us...but again DJ only trailed Howie by 5! GO DJ!! Then the boys did the track and field, where Jake had the advantage again with knowledge and size. DJ was still thrilled to be playing with him regardless!

Shortly after the marathon of games, Jake left for home and we put the kids to bed. They both went down quickly and quietly too!! Howie and I watched Glee...or the Bieber influenced version!! Wasn't expecting the Bieber invasion...still haven't gotten that fever everyone talks about! Howie couldn't handle all the Bieberness and went to bed lol  I got out the needles and knit the nite away! After Glee was Raising Hope and the new one, Traffic Light...then the Good Wife and Parenthood, which had some pretty good comedy in it! I ran out of yarn during the second half of Parenthood, but Jasper was on my lap with the blanket I'm making, so I kept the heat going!

Til next time...God bless!

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