Thursday, February 3, 2011

Good Directions

In the past week I've had several funny and good conversation with DJ...some of them I can't keep a straight face during, and others I  prod him with questions to see exactly where he's going with it all.

One that stands out went something like this: we're driving down Highway 2 on the way to deliver Avon and he spies out his window and says "Mummy, there's Taco Bell!! Can we go there???"
Now, I then recall his obvious distaste for Mexican food, and ask "why do you want to go there?? What do you think Taco Bell is?"
His very serious response was "Its Tackle go there to get tackled!!"
I'm still smiling and chuckling over that one!!

His newest catch phrase is "are you freakin kidding me!?" and I ask him gently to remove the freakin part and he can carry on. Just this morning, he said "you scared the crap outta me" and I had to let it go...we do say crap and it's a heckuva better word than shit! Which he's already gotten soaped for...but again I did gently suggest he not use that word. He's also teaching his sister what not to say "Sam, you're not allowed to say shut up!" Which is true...but isn't he technically using the phrase anyways!??!!? Ah the joy of parenting!!!

Every week he learns a new Bible verse for Awana, and he does such an awesome job with memorizing it all week, and then we "cram" on the way to Awana with him repeating and repeating it...he does very well! And when we get to church, he searches his teacher out to say it right away! "Cuz it's still in my head and I don't want to forget it!"

Lately, whenever we go somewhere, I have him tell me how to get home...this started quite on accident on the way home once when I asked him at a T intersection which way to go and he said "go right!!" and we made a joke that you "take a right at the marshmallows (hay bales)" And this got me thinking, we drive pretty much the same two ways in and out of our little mountain top...wonder if he knows how to get home from I asked him one day to tell me where to go. It started off with him telling me "go this way" or "go that way" but since he knows his left and right perfectly, I had him say "take a left/right" instead and he's cottoned on to it very well. Just tonite, I had him take me from the church all the way home!!! At every light I'd ask where to go...if we crossed an intersection with no lights, I'd slow down and ask...he even told me at the two Y's we have which way to go. I'm so impressed with his sense of direction!! And then he asks me "does that mean I'm REALLY smart Mummy??"  How do I say no to that!??! At least I know he knows his way home! We'll work on street names next year! lol

Awana was good for me tonite, I was busy!! I'd had a mistake of mine brought to attention and corrected...glad she caught it! Record keeping for this thing is serious!!! Apparently kids can get scholarships based on their Awana credentials...that's kind of kool!! I also took on another task for the head secretary, and brought it home with me to do over the week. She really does do A LOT for the club, so I don't mind helping at all! DJ was happy to see me after his class as he'd picked out whistle from the treasure box...lovely! The teacher promised she'd never do that again! lol I wasn't the only non-enthused parent!

On the way home we stopped at the dollar store to get stickers for DJ's car for the Grand Prix...and I also picked up some more of those wall graphic for each of the kids rooms that says "Wish it, Dream it, Do it" and one for the pantry doors that says "Live well, Laugh often, Love much" and its already on the doors...I may change up the way I put it, we'll see...but I really like it!!

When we got home DJ went to bed quickly and Howie soon followed...I sure hope the decaf headaches go away soon!!! Along with the snarkies! Not being a caffeine addict, I don't know what he's going thru. I then settled in with my needles and got to working! And watched Cougar Town (hilarious!) and Off the Map...which is quickly turning into one of my new fave shows! Followed that up with White Collar and called it a nite! Good thing too, my knuckles were hurting....and I'm working with 10's! No way could I knit on 1's!!

Til next time...God bless!

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