Thursday, February 24, 2011

Another snow day

This morning we woke up to the same amount of snow we went to bed with...but it was coming down when we get that drizzle rain, only this was drizzle snow. And was it cold!!!!! I took the heater into the bedroom last nite, after having it down the hall to warm the kids rooms up a bit, and took the chill out of the air of our room before I shut the light out to sleep. And this morning, it was just as cold, so I put it on after I helped Sam go potty...and crawled back in bed...she joined me and she was cold too!! Once she warmed up she was gone! Her feet were ice cold...she got that from me! lol Poor thing! DJ joined me for a snuggle too, til he knew Jake the Neverland Pirates were on...then he was gone! And I was left to my own devices to get up and get dressed without extra help! ha!

Our morning was nothing to write home about...other than I could not get warm to save myself!! My bones were cold!!! Finally, at lunch, I went and got the heater and plugged it in as we ate...much better!!! I finally started to thaw a bit. Even the kids noticed the difference!!! I checked the thermostat and it said 69 which is okay, we're set for 70, so one degree isn't too bad. After lunch both kids wanted to go out and play in the I bundled them up (after making sure they pee'd!) and I headed out with them for a few to get the paper and the mail. DJ came in after maybe 10 mins...the kids next door weren't home, so he was bored by it all! Sam stayed out another 10 mins before I called her to come in...she was enjoying herself tho!

DJ wanted to do laundry, so I gathered up the kids clothes and we headed down to do the load...then I took a walk on the treadmill to warm my blood up a bit. Seemed to work too!! The kids played amazingly well while we were down there too!! We put the clothes in the dryer before we headed back upstairs. Came back up and it was still chilly, so I got busy making sketti for dinner at which point Howie came home from work.

So, yeah, we had sketti...but wasn't sketti...the sauce had no extra tomatoes, or the brown sugar I usually use to cut down on heartburn and no olives (we were out) so, kinda boring....and the noodles...don't get me started! I got the whole wheat kind which has no sugar in it...and is supposed to be better....but man, it was seriously lacking in taste!!!!! Thankfully the salad we had along with it was tasty!! Still, it was nice to have a change in flavour. The kids, could have cared less about the change! And they both wanted salad with theirs too! We had the rest of the pudding for dessert...kinda tasty...I'm not big on pudding myself.

Dinner was actually done early for a the kids played til it was time to take a bath. I got a call from my mom n dad to we chatted for a bit...Howie got a call too, and headed to the bedroom to get away from the noise. Just about 7, when I was getting ready to bathe the kids, there was a knock on the was Michaela from next door, asking if the kids could come out and play...seems we'd gotten another inch or so since before dinner and it was coming down hard!! All 4 kids were out playing, so I said sure, why not! Bundled them up (me too!) and we headed next door to play. Even took the toboggan DJ got 2 Christmases ago!!! It finally got to see snow!! The neighbours have an amazing driveway for sledding down...I stood at the bottom to stop wayward sledders!  Howie came out and joined us and we were then in a snowball fight with all the kids!! Sam was on our side tho...and Michaela was with us too...such fun!!

About 8 we headed for home to get the kids in bed...which they took to quickly!!! As I was in the bathroom brushing their teeth, all I could feel from the air vent in there was cold air...sure enough the therm was at 65 and after trying to figure out what was going on, Howie noticed it had been switched to COOL instead of HEAT...finally!!! Problem solved!!! And instantly the heat started pouring out of the vents again!! That darn DJ!! Freddy Fast Fingers strikes again!

We watched a bit of Idol and I made some sugar free ice cream per Howie's request! The ice cube trays on the counter were a HUGE hint! Once Howie went to bed, I watched the 35 mins of Survivor that were recorded...must set up dvr for that one!! GRRRRR. Then watched Modern Family...oh, this show just makes me laugh every week!!! And Off the Map...what a show!!! Makes me cringe...makes me tear up...and makes me wanna go to a rain forest!!! :)

Til next time...God bless!'s still snowing!!! I think we're at about 6 or 7 inches now!! Looks like another snow day tomorrow too!

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