Sunday, February 13, 2011

Birthday Party threats

Really do work!! Especially the closer you get to party time!

This morning just before 3 Miss Samantha woke and wanted to snuggle...I suggested we go back to her room and she said no, so I made room and let her snuggle up. She felt chilled even with her pj's, the space heater is no longer in her room, so its not as tropical as she likes it and when she kicks the covers off, well you can see where I'm going. I tried to fall asleep with her there, but had no after 15 mins of her laying beside me and snoring away, I moved her to her own bed and she stayed there. Whew!!

I however woke up next to DJ as Howie'd gone fishing...but it wasn't because of DJ that I dad called me at 8:05 on a Saturday morning! Love that ignore button...sorry dad! :) In any case, about 10 mins later DJ awoke and said the sweetest thing "Mummy, I grewed over nite!!!" HA he probably did too! I forgot to mention that yesterday when we got home he made me measure him like the nurse did Samantha...he was feeling left out! He's now 44 inches tall...or 3' 8" tall! Insane!!!! He was only 21 inches when he was born!!!! Sam woke up at 8:45 and we all got up then....well we called Howie first to see if he'd caught go :( So off to breakfast we went!

When I dressed Sam I was SO surprised to see how her skin looked so calm!! And she had no complaints...other than that I was lotioning her up again. Poor thing! Since my hands are so sensitive, I get can be sympathetic to her anguish. It was about this time that the threats started...DJ was being so grabby and obnoxious! Howie got home after 11 and went for a nap shortly I had the pleasure of keeping kids quiet for 2 hours. Almost impossible!! Afer several timeouts, Howie finally got up and the chaos ensued! Whew!

After Howie ate his lunch he went out and washed my truck...oh it was SO filthy!!! Not a soapy wash, but a pressure wash to get the dirt off. Worked like a charm too! I gathered laundry and got it going and did dishes and minded misbehaving children. Oh and got a gift ready and did up a card...DJ signed his own name even!!! So awesome!! Barely legible, but hey, he did it! I helped Sam do hers, but she wanted to be just like DJ...go figure!

About a half hour before the party DJ was at his utmost rotten behaviour and got sent to his which point I told him he was NOT going to the party, but that Sam was (she even scolded him, that was funny) and he lost it! Became a slobbering mess! I knew I'd let him go, but damn his attitude sucked and I wanted him to realize who was boss! So I got Sam ready, all the while he's begging and crying and her boots on, and her coat. Then stepped outside to tell Howie what was going on and he gave me a good suggestion, that if he started pulling the same shit next door, they were to send him home. Deal! I went back in and let Howie be the good guy and told DJ that daddy said he could go, but that if he misbehaved once he was being sent home! Happy boy! Who amazingly got ready at lightning speed!! I walked them over and then headed out to Freddy's to get more salad stuffs and tp...I didn't guess very well at how much salad we'd eat!! ha!

I got home after a stop to the shed and Howie had the water on to boil for parsnips...since I'd never made them (let alone eaten them knowingly) I just thought to do them mashed...and when I peeled them, they smelled great!! Once they were done I mashed them up, but couldn't use butter, so they looked boring to be honest. Well, the taste, was NOTHING like what I'd built myself up for! How disappointing! We both ate them but if I never have them mashed again, I'll be alright! lol I've heard from many that roasting is the way to go! Also, upon my return I was greeted by children with noise makers...lovely! After a half hour of that noise I told them that noise makers only survive one day and that the noise maker fairy will come tonite when they're sleeping and take them away. I didn't get much cool!! Guess what's disappearing til the weather clears and they can be outside noise makers!!  ha! Love it!!

After dinner I bathed the kids...Sam's skin was red again, so I put oatmeal in her bath and used the cream again. During DJ's bath, I heard a tinkle sound, and sure enough he was peeing in the water!! EW!!!!! He was just sitting there watching it too...double EW!!!! So I told him that was that and he was having a shower...which is my usual threat to get them to stop foolin around when I'm trying to wash them up...and he protested and tried hiding from the water. I explained to him it was just like the sprinkler at the water park but warmer water and that seemed to do the trick. Got him washed up and out of the water. He was THRILLED with the shower method!! I was in shock! And far wetter than if I'd bathed him...yeah, not cool! lol They either need to make shower curtain with sleeves so I can get in there without getting wet, think NICU incubator with the sleeves to let people touch newborns...but in a shower curtain! lol Or, we'll just go the easy route and get a hand held nozzle. He was already asking for another shower tomorrow! lol Ah, my crazy child!

Once they were in bed, I made us some vanilla (soy milk) ice cream...such a nice treat!! Used sweet n low and it was delish!  Howie was busy downloading music so I watched tv and folded laundry or sat with a cat in my lap keeping me warm. Good relaxing nite!!

Til next time...God bless!

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