Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I laughed while brushing my teeth last nite

When I realized I'd titled the post last nite "New Contacts" and didn't expand on it...blond moment! Just leave it at that! I meant to tell you I put the new contacts in yesterday around noon...and boy are they different!! For one, they're like the coke bottle bottoms of the contact world! Seriously! They're SO thick!!! And they're crystal even in the solution, I can't see them! When I put them in, everything is yellow, or has a yellow hue to it. SO odd! And when I blink, I can feel them...if I move my head fast to look at something (or someone) the contact doesn't move as fast as I do and I have to wait for it to settle. I don't like them!!! To say the least! And I'm seriously considering lasik...seriously!! I should have done it 10 years ago when my little sister had hers done...I was so jealous then! Unfortunately, it's not covered by more pennies to save! Howie asked if I was at 100k in surgeries I want now...silly boy!

This morning...EVERYTHING was covered in snow!!!! The kids were beyond excited!!! We weren't even started breakfast and the boys next door were already outside knocking on the door for DJ to come play. I'm such a mean mom  and made him eat first! Boy, did he eat fast too!!! Got him all bundled up and sent him out to play. Sam wanted to go at first, but she changed her mind and stayed in with me...while yelling at the boys from the open window in the living room! HA! She's not at all like her mother!!! Nope! No way!

While he was out and she was occupied, I got busy with Avon as today was order day! I felt WAY more prepared this week than two weeks ago!!! That was stressful! Today, was lazy in comparison!! I did get an order with 4 minutes to spare...and after I'd already submitted mine! Yowza!  DJ came in about an hour after playing, soaking wet too!! But not nearly as cold as I thought he'd be!

We did lunch and then just hung out...I had no where to be and no where else I'd rather be!!! We put "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs" on which didn't quite grab their attention like I thought it would...nor mine! I couldn't tell you a thing about it! Sam had 3 or 4 trips to the potty during the movie...she was a peeing fool today! Howie came home and I was snuggled under the blanket to get was SO cold today!! Howie stole my spot as soon as I got up to help Sam in the I went and took a shower.
Dinner was wonderful!!!! LOL We had chicken noodle soup and open faced sandwiches on some Dave's Killer Bread...Howie said it was a slice of heaven!! He was was very tasty!! Sam still doesn't like chicken noodle soup...she likes chicken, she LOVES noodles, but doesn't like it in a soup! Even if the noodles are princesses!! They both loved the sugar free white chocolate pudding I made too!!! I'm trying to teach DJ about nutrition and how the choices of food that he snacks on should be nutritious!! I shut him up this afternoon with a peanut butter long are these growth spurts supposed to last anyways!??!

The kids went to bed easy...Howie pretty much right after them...we did watch some Dirty Jobs first tho, Mike Rowe is awesome!!! Thank God there isn't such a thing as smellovision!! It looked stinky enough just watching it! I then put Glee on once Howie was in bed....odd episode really...not one of my faves! But I do love the singing. Then The Good Wife was good...interesting how things can get screwed up in a case so quickly!! Parenthood was GOOD!!! Love the message of not letting your kids be the boss...especially at the age of 6!!!

Til next time...God bless!

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