Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I find it hard to believe

This morning I woke up to DJ on my dead cold arm...so I rolled him over to Howie's side...he was in the shower getting ready for work....and got some feeling and heat back into my arm. Such a strange feeling to wake up to! Next thing I know it's 8:45 and Miss Samantha comes in...I'm totally loving these late mornings!!!! :) Once the sun comes back, they're out the window...not to mention school in September will be end of any weekday sleeping in!

The part I don't believe....happens right at this point in my day...now, we've been doing South Beach for a week now...today was day 8...so I hop on the scale and take a gander....would you believe it told me I'm 15 lbs lighter than last Monday!! Isn't that insane!??!!? I still don't believe it!

I then had the extreme pleasure of cleaning up the cat puke the children were all riled up about...DJ gagging and Samantha tip toeing around...seems one of the ribbon strands from those noise makers that the Noise Maker Fairy took was ingested by the cat...and his little body doesn't like plastic! Hence the lovely puke piles everywhere. Yet another reason the NMF exists! lol

After breakfast DJ asked to vacuum since the cat puke disturbed him so...who am I to say no!?!? And it does get the toys picked up...altho, next time I'll have him wait til 3ish to do it so it still looks good when Howie comes home. Sam had her red toy one out and vacuumed right along side him...I really need to get a pic of this!

After lunch I got the dishwasher going and then DJ and I went downstairs to get some laundry going. Yes, I'm training the next Laundry Fairy right here! *giggles evilly* No, he asked to help me yesterday when I washed his blankets from his bed...so he was invested...and they needed to get into the dryer...so he got another load in there and got it washing. He was also really good at remembering to go down and switch it out! This is awesome!!

Then we made Valentines cards for Howie...DJ wrote Daddy and then signed it DJ...a keepsake forever for sure!!! We hadn't planned on exchanging gifts til we get the tax refund, so it was a quiet holiday for us. I did make a ham in the oven (smelled AMAZING) and did some broccoli and asparagus...a heart healthy meal on THE heart day!!

It was also bath nite...and I learned a very important lesson...don't let DJ take a shower until I'm completely DONE with Samantha....oh what a mess! He put the stopper down and had a good 8 inches of water in there before I realized what was going on...Sam was done at this point...so as I'm washing my hands from the Rx cream I just applied to her, she slipped in the water he sloshed out and hit her head on the tub. Thank God it's a fiberglass tub and not ceramic! Got some vanilla on it right away and calmed her down before sending her out to watch some Dora with Howie. So DJ played in the water he had built up and I soaped him up before putting the shower on for him. MUCH better!! And next time, that's what will happen...he'll have her bathwater and play while I tend to her, then I'll wash him up and THEN he can shower!!! I was much drier this time than last!

Once the kids were in bed we watched HIMYM which was funny! Then we watched 2.5 Men and had a chuckle...at this point it was 9:30 so Howie headed to bed and I put on the Bachelor....grabbed some knitting needles and hit play. SOOOOOOO glad Michelle got sent home!! But Miss Chantal needs to calm down a bit! So now we're left with two blondes and two brunettes....should be interesting! Pay attention next week as Chantal's date will be here in the Seattle area! I do wonder how long ago that was...not that I'm ever downtown!

Til next time...God bless!

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