Saturday, February 12, 2011

I swear, my children are normally good

But today, they were NOT!!!!! Well, for the most part they really were...towards the end of our excursion, they were definitely monsters!!

This morning I woke up at some point and almost rolled over into I tried rolling the other way and there was I gave up! At some point I do remember DJ asking if he could go watch I said sure knowing Howie was out on the couch...he was feeling miserable and felt like he'd caught the kids cough/cold...and didn't want to bother my sleep with coughing. Next thing I know, it's nine and time to get up and get breakfast made. Made a pesto and cheese omelet to go with our V8 juice. It was SO good!!

My Avon arrived while I was making breakfast, so once Howie left for work I got busy sorting it as I had deliveries to make this aft. I also made a doctor's appointment for Sam as she was broken out in hives and was quite uncomfortable...and lately it seems like I can't calm her skin down...and with it being a Friday, no sense waiting!  I wasn't sure I'd even catch our Dr, but turns out, she was in today! And I got an appt for 2:45! Good timing for deliveries and all.

After lunch we headed out...why is it when you HAVE to be somewhere at a very specific time it seems like Murphy is your shadow?? I swear! Gettin the kids ready, took far longer than it should have or would have if it had been something for them to do! I had one delivery to make here in Monroe, and then we headed for Everett...wouldn't you know it, I totally blew by my exit and ended up on the freeway! Going in the wrong direction!!!! Gah! Got off on the first exit and thankfully knew where I was and how to get back to where I was going! Then left without the money for the 3 orders I delivered...oy! The place we were at is a business that sells walkers/wheelchairs and the like, well the kids think the recliners (the ones that make you stand up from sitting) are just the coolest! Today they discovered the scooters...yeah, we weren't in there long! lol

From there we headed to the Dr's office in Edmonds and were a bit late. As we're walking into the reception area Sam announces she has to I tell them Samantha is here, and we'll be right back as we race to the potty! DJ didn't follow us...he was mesmerized by the fish tank. There was a real live Nemo in there!!! We waited about 10 mins before getting called which point neither child was listening to me! Lovely!

First thing the nurse does is weigh Sam on the way to the exam room. With her clothes on but her shoes and coat off, she weighs 36.2 lbs...then they did her height and she is 37 3' 1"...a lb for every inch almost! Next came the temp in the room...perfect 98.3! Then the nurse brought back a gown for her to put on...HA!! Not happening!! She got naked, but then didn't want the gown on at all! Even tho it was full of fish, no way, no how! So I bribed her with taking a pic...that worked! but as soon as I snapped it, pout and all, she wanted it off! Only, I'd tied it on, so she was stuck with it! The Dr came in and took a look at it and said its more than likely eczema (Dr Mom was right!) as she shows classic signs of it! And there's no other symptoms. She also listened to her heart and lungs and declared all good. Prescribed a steroid cream (really low dose) for me to put on her twice a day and if it doesn't clear up in 2 weeks, then we're to make an appointment with an allergist. Yikes!  I have one allergy that's developed since having DJ and that's that I'm allergic to something in most liquid I use bar soap instead...makes my hands react much the same way Sam's skin, blotchy and VERY itchy! I'm itching now just talking about it!

We left there and headed for costco...while I was making a well child check for Sam, I got a call that my glasses were in...sweet!! Made one stop at the hearing place I use and dropped off some samples and new books for their office. Must make a point of doing that more often! When I left there I messaged another client to meet me at costco for her Avon...worked perfectly!! She stayed with the kids (Sam fell asleep on the way there) and I ran in and got my glasses. I must say, the Woodinville costco is FAR more thorough than the Shoreline one! They got a case for me to take my contacts out to try the glasses on...and I could SEE!!! WOW could I ever! Then he adjusted the arms on them so they don't slip or fall off and then sent me on my way! I grabbed DJ a churro on the way out and went back to the truck. It was quite the sight to see DJ's head out the sun roof! Then my g/f's head popped up too!!! lol They didn't enjoy their time together at all!

Then we headed to Freddy's to pick up Sam's script for the we enter the store DJ is drawn by the claw game machine and watched someone actually win a stuffie...well, he wanted to do it...yeah, right! He was being a brat and so Sam and I headed in the store and sat on the bench right inside the store where I could see him....and as he walked in, he walked right past us...I was curious to see what he'd do, but Sam called out to him...didn't think of that. So we head in and he stops at the tv outside the electronics annoying to be walking and then all of a sudden get stopped by a 4 year old! He did it again to me at Play Land...then as we enter the pharmacy they both announce they need to we leave and head to the restroom. DJ didn't have to go, and was being SUCH a brat crawling under the door and bugging from the outside! EW!!! Then we head back to the pharmacy and I tell them both to sit in the this point they'd both lost the cookie they would have gotten from the bakery....and DJ keeps messing around and looking at me with that sly grin that meant he KNOWS he's pushing my he lost xBox time!! Finally its my turn and the cream isn't's been 2 hours and it's not ready!?!?!? OY! So we sit and wait the 5 mins or so til they call her name. Pay and leave! As fast as possible!!

Stopped by the bank on the way home and then the shed for the bread run...then finally home! At this point its after 6, so I get the oven on for the pizza I got for the boring! And while it was cooking I intended to get some chicken done in the oven....only that turned into me cleaning out the freezer mess since it's not freezing again...its frosting up and not allowing cold air to flow properly! Stupid fridge! Their pizza was done and I finally got to doing the chicken and got it in the the mean time I was starving!! And that pizza looked damn good!!! So I ate the cheese off it...not quite the same as eating pizza, but it did the trick! Would have been better with ham and pineapple or pepperoni and black olives lol.

Finally it was bed pj's got put on and I lotioned Sam up good and gave her a Benedryl to help calm the itches...per Dr orders. Then I found Charlie Brown's Valentine on that delayed bedtime. Howie got home before it was over and so we put them to bed and I got him his dinner. He wasn't up much longer as he's going fishing for the last time this season in the that means early wake up. I got comfy and watched some DVR'd stuff.

Til next time...God bless!

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