Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Butting Heads

Or butt heads....either or really!!

From the time we left the house, the kids were fighting about one thing or another...we woke up kinda late, and Sam did NOT wanna wake up! It was cute to see her shake the cobwebs from her sleepy eyes and realize I was serious! We woke up at 7:37...obviously I need to set a second alarm!...and we were out the door at 8:10...way better than I thought it would be! We pull into the drive way of the school and DJ says to me "do I have to get a tardy slip?" awww poor kid! He had plenty of time to get to class before the bell rang.

Sam and I headed for home to have breakfast. We were both HUNGRY!!!! So cereal it was! Thankfully just enough milk for both of us. It was an Avon morning, but I was all caught up on orders, and just waiting on my come-lately's to Sam and I snuggled in the chair a bit and looked at the family album of pictures she LOVES reading!!  I like that she likes it so much! She can usually pick herself out in the pictures too, which is impressive.

As she was eating her lunch, and I was in the middle of making mine, a new client stopped by to pick up her order...a Sultan police officer...first time meeting her, and she's just as nice in person as she has been on the phone. We chatted a bit and then she went on her way, and I came in to finish my lunch prep. Sam was done eating, so she played Starfall on the computer...she's getting the hang of the mouse and clicking on what she wants. Its cute!

We went to pick DJ up from school and I had to go in and chat with the office about my driving some kids this week from the church to the school on Thursday, from Christmas rehearsal, and then from the school to the church on Friday for the afternoon performance. And while I was there I inquired about heading up the Auction that happens every year, they're in need of someone to organize it and I figure, if I take this one, I can drop recess, drop hot lunch, drop anything else and concentrate on this and make mega hours every year for, if we're gonna be there for 10 years, I may as well find something I can really be in charge of! Howie thinks I'm anal enough to pull it off! I have a meeting with the administrator and a couple other people next Thursday to go over things and talk about when to get started. YIKES!!!! I can do this!!

Then we headed to the salon I deal with to drop off an order, then to the bank, and then to Freddy's for some milk...and other things! Howie beat us home and was getting the Christmas decorations down so they could come in the house and warm up before we decorate...which I think is gonna happen on Thursday as we have Awana tomorrow nite. The kids are SO anxious!!!! Me too!!!!!! I'm hoping the 500 coloured lights I bought will be enough...altho DJ said I can mix in white if I need to...I'm thinkin I'll just get more coloured ones if need be!

After a yummy dinner I hopped in the shower and then put on a fashion show (VERY different than the VS one) to try and decide what to wear to the Christmas party this weekend...SO undecided!!! ugh! Hate that! And I don't wanna spend money on something that won't fit me next year either! Because of this, it was close to 9 when the kids got into bed. Howie was watching Biggest Loser cuz there was NOTHING else on...and then he went to bed about 9:30 and I watched Glee, which was great! LOVED all the songs they sang tonite!! Sang right along too! Kind of like karaoke in your living room! Then New Girl, which I'm really not sold on yet... Then I switched over to the Victoria Secret fashion show to watch Maroon 5 (specifically Adam Levine) sing Moves Like Jagger, which is such a great song!! And I have to say...I MUCH prefer him singing it WITHOUT Christina's voice!!! The rest of the "talent" for the show left me empty...Jay-Z and Kanye (blech) and Nicki Minaj (there's a reason I hadn't heard one of her songs before tonite!) but the bras were cute! Darn shame VS doesn't make 'em in my size! ha!

Then I flipped on Raising Hope, which is always good for a laugh...Bro-gurt...HA!! Altho, bacon flavoured yogurt does sound good...somebody get on that! Then Parenthood...which had me holding my breath!!!!! Having a child go missing is NOT my idea of fun!!! And you could feel the panic!! Such a fantastic show!!! And now, I must go move DJ from the couch back to his bed...he came out saying he couldn't sleep (and he has been for 4 hours now) and instantly fell asleep on the couch...goofy kid!

Til next time...God bless!

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