Friday, November 11, 2011

I really don't function

Well with little sleep!!

Last nite when I checked on the kids (as I do EVERY nite) Sam woke up when I went in there....and had to I got her up and took her...she'd already filled the diaper, so we put a new one on and she asked to snuggle. Which melts me, and I can't say I go get 'ready' for bed and come back out and lay on the couch with her and we both fall asleep...oh, it's after 2 am at this point too!

At 3:30 she woke up and covered her mouth...we ran to the bathroom (thankfully I'd fallen asleep with my glasses ON or I'd be blind!) and she made it to the door and hurled the 5 bites of sketti she'd eaten at dinner. Get to the toilet and its incredibly violent much so, it's coming out her nose!! She's crying and coughing and all kinds of fun pukey stuff! It took a half hour just to get her cleaned up and calmed down before we were back on the couch...this time WITH a bowl for the next puke.

Which happened 90 minutes later, but we were prepared!! It was also after 5, so that meant we could go take over the bed...Howie left for work and we slept...til she woke up saying she didn't like the bed, and went to the floor...then DJ woke up, I sent him out to his sippy cup and told him to let us sleep. He didn't...and was back bugging shortly after...I told him to either snuggle with me or go out, he chose snuggle and we all slept til just before 10.

The day itself was good...she bounced back pretty quick and by 3 the fever was gone...she was doing sips of water and making jokes. We headed to football practice (last one of the season) and met Howie there so I could go on to Seattle for my first Norwex meeting.  The gal above carpooled with me and that made a HUGE difference in traffic time too! Going there was atrocious and took 2 hours...coming home was an hour! Crazy!

I got home just before 11 and noticed the garbage wasn't out, so I ran that to the road and then switched laundry over, and made Howie's lunch and coffee before FINALLY sitting down to veg a bet! Watched BBT which was quite funny and then Rules, which was ho hum, and then Whitney which was truly LOL. Now, I'm hittin the hay and catchin some z's! Tomorrow is a regular Friday and that means I don't have to get up til 9!!! WOOT!

Til next time...God bless!

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