Monday, November 28, 2011

O Christmas Tree

This weekend FLEW by!!!!

Saturday's accomplishment was family pictures!!! All five of us!!!! Jake met us at the mall in Lynnwood, and we had SUCH a great photographer! She drew Jake out of his mood and got real smiles!!! It was fantastic!! What was to have been a 91.00 order cost me 7.67 (plus 10.00 living social deal) and I was more than pleased!!! And, since we were already at the mall, and the kids were in dressy clothes...AND the lines were ridiculously short...we got pix done with santa!!!!! Again, pleased as punch!!!! If you a friend of mine on fb, you've already seen them!!

After the mall we headed for home. Jake came shortly after us and stayed for dinner and some kinect play with fj! The Apple Cup was also on do he an Howie watched that. We had a great dinner and an enjoyable day!! It was good to have him all to ourselves and not at the end of a football game. I can only hope he enjoyed his time with is too as they will be getting fewer once he starts college. *sigh*

Once the kids were on bed, I took off for the Panera run for the shed. And instead of coming home, I headed out to play bingo with some girlfriends!! None of us won either :( There was hardly a crowd, but no luck!! They owe me so I can at least break even for this last year!!

So that's why I didn't blog last nite...I got in at 1:40 and went straight to bed!! Didn't even pass GO!! Definitely didn't collect 200.00!!!

The kids got me up this morning as Howie was off fishing again. He caught a steelhead yesterday, but with Jake over we saved it til today! We were just about ready when he got home and we were off to church at a decent time as I had SamSam's class to teach today and she was thrilled!! I think it went well!

We came home for lunch and to change before heading back out fof some Christmas tree hunting!!!!! Before living here we would drive an hour and a half to the mountains to get a that we live on the mountain, we go up the road!! Almost literally too!! We found a place this year that I'd been looking for last year and this year the sign kinda jumped our at Howie. We found our tree after a good search (money IS an object!!) and loaded it up! They even had a shaker there to get the critters off it! DONE!

We got home with plenty of time for Howie to blow leaves while I gig laundry and dishes done. We had the steelhead for dinner and it was beyond good!!! Then the kids and I headed to the shed to shop...then home to bed for them! After Howie went to bed I watched Amazing Race (I'm now team Andy/Tommy!!!) and Once Upon A Time which is such a good show!!! And since it was still early, I got a Hallmark movie in!! Now blogged up and out!

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