Saturday, November 12, 2011

First Round of State

Is done!!!

Well done too!!!

DJ's also done football for the season. Thankfully his game wasn't til 10 but it was COLD!! 39 degrees cold!! We've noticed snow up on the mountain tops and today the sign for traction tires was flashing...winter is coming! At least it wasn't raining!! DJ did great playing center, but got zero time on defense and therefore made no flag captures and he was well aware of it too!!

I think we won, but we lost track of the touchdowns at the half. We were paying more attn to the really bad calls the ref was making!! Wonder of he knew they were 5 and 6 yr olds?!? In any case DJ was happy and that's all that really matters!!

We for home and Howie left us for Costco to pick up his contacts, so I got started on lunch. When the kids were done eating they headed. Wxt door...apparently play doh is all he rage over there. Not in my house thanks!! Howie claimed the couch to watch football and so I took Belle and we had a nap in the bedroom. Tak about a perfect afternoon!! Totally spontaneous too! Of course my vitamins are working and I didn't sleep a wink! And it took me 2 hours to warm up!! Brrrrrrr At 4 I got up and showered to get ready for football game number 2.

I had put Norwex to the test and tried their new Fridge So Fresh next to the kitty litter replaces baking soda and lasts for a year...WOW!!! I let that box go 4 days (normally its 2 with 2 cats) and I couldn't smell it!!!! How wild is that?!?! Now I've got to buy 10 more for all the other stinky places in our house!!! Hahaha

The babysitter got to our house right on time almost exactly when Samantha's fever came back!! I hates leaving her but knew she was in good hands! And it was low too! But man was she a hot mess!! We got to the game with a few mins to spare.

What a game it was too!! We got first touchdown and then a second...then they scored a field goal right before the end of the first half. Then they scored again...we scored...they scored and we won by 3 pts!!! Whew!! Jake made an awesome interception too!! Hope all the college scouts were paying close attention!! Now we're almost home and I can sit and relax a spell!!

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