Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's a Marty Party!!!

This morning DJ woke up super excited as he knew it was Marty Party day!!!
Marty is a boy from his class and DJ was invited to his party, which was this morning at 9 am!

I kid you not!

On a Monday!!!

A birthday party!!!!!

Of course, we were late thanks to children who don't do as they're told from the first time I say something....*sigh* At least this time the consequence was real and they were missing out on the party! The first stop in the Marty Party was at an inflatable place called Jump, Rattle & Roll...it's new and just opened within the last month. The kids took off running liked they'd been there before! We had the whole place to ourselves and there were about 9 inflatable things to play/jump/slide on. Sam found some ground toys once she scared herself silly on one of the taller slides....lol. And Marty, he was in the massage chair when we arrived! ha! Like his mom said, he's a breed unto himself!

From there we went to Marty's house and the kids went upstairs to play...I hung out with the moms and got to hold a 10 week old baby! mmmm baby snuggles!!! He was such a flirt too!! Lunch was served at 11 (apparently Marty was up at 4:30 ready to start the day! yuck!) and the kids ate their sketti and meatbobs...well, Sam did, DJ thought they were kind of spicy, which they were. The "cake" was actually a massive chocolate chip cookie with mint chocolate chip ice cream....again, DJ didn't care for it and Sam gobbled it up! The ice cream, not the cookie.

The kids played and played and played...inside and outside...then presents were opened and the playing continued! We left shortly after 1:30 and headed for home...with a stop at the salon I deal with to drop off books and an order. When we got home DJ went next door to see if the boys could play and it ended up they came over while their mom went into town, which was fine with me...as long as they stayed downstairs. Howie came home and they all migrated next door...so we had almost an hour kid free to just chat, kind of novel really!

After dinner I bathed the kids and Sam got a bubble bath!! I got my latest Norwex order and one of the items was the bubble bath and knowing there's only 3 ingredients in it (water, cherry extract and polyglycosides) I knew it wouldn't bother her skin...SHE LOVED IT!!! lol  She's such a girl and just enjoyed laying in the water watching the bubbles!  Thank you Norwex!!

Once the kids were in bed I got Howie's lunch and DJ's lunch ready for tomorrow and then sat down to relax! At which point Howie went to bed...so I watched HIMYM (love the slap fest!! and Kal is growing on me!) and 2.5 Men (LOVED Alan's impersonation, and the "winning" at the very end of it all was just perfect!!! I'm still chuckling!!) and then Mike & Molly (which was one of their more mellow episodes really) and then Hart of Dixie (which was good! Still loving the country music and those accents!!) and then Castle (which was funny!) Love my dvr and all those commercials GONE!!!

Til next time...God bless!

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