Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Big Bad Wolf

Was a howlin today!! I heard some trees creaking and moaning and it was scary! Belle thought so too! She doesn't much like her "bidness" interrupted by noise...and it takes her that much longer!

This morning I woke up when DJ came to bed...I think around 6...and my clock was flashing 12:00...which obviously means power I hit the button to make it stop flashing and checked my phone, another hour of sleep...whew! But I tell ya, having 5 clocks tell you the wrong time is quite confusing! lol We made it to school as the bell was ringing...and then Sam and I had to come home...those 5 clocks stole my brain and I forgot 5 things this hearing aid included!! And with only one, its kind of important to function!

After picking up what was forgotten, we headed to Sky Valley to drop off books...and last week's books were still there, so I helped Jill remove them and load up the new books. Sam was enjoying herself in the play area...she found a couple friends from Awana and made herself at home. From the school we headed to the church to wait for my g/f Kody...I had some apples for her. We chose the church as it was nice and close to the dance center....which Sam was thrilled to go to!!! I got some pictures today, but I haven't uploaded them...I'll do that tomorrow and post the Halloween pix too!

Once dance class was over we headed to the bank and then picked up pizzas as per our usual Wednesday routine! We got home and got lunch going for the two of us and then the afternoon frittered away! I laid on the couch around 3 and before I knew it, it was after 4 and Sam was snoozing in my chair...she needed it tho! Then there was a knock at the door....a friend coming to get something Howie said he could he waited for Howie while I tended to Sam, who'd peed herself upon waking up. Howie got home as I had Belle out to potty and then we got dinner under way.

I'd gotten an email this afternoon that the kids were getting homework to when DJ got in, we did it right away...with lotsa fussing too! But he did get it done and was able to go to Awana after all.
I was so proud of DJ...he got his wings tonite and his first jewel...and perfect club attendance jewel too! HE was proud!!! So awesome! I think Sam got a badge too, but she doesn't see them til I sew them on. The ride home was a loud one....the rains were dumping!! We talked a bit on the way home about getting right to bed...and tonite they were in bed by 9...and we got home at 8:40, so that's not too shabby really!

I did sit for a bit once they were out and watch X Factor with Howie til he went to bed...then I got busy emptying the dehydrator...the apples and bananas were done! The apples are lovely and crispy...the bananas are not at all like what you can buy in the obviously they've been doctored!! Not sure what I can do to prevent the blackening part...and make them really dry as opposed to chewy...I'll have to google that!  When I got to sit again, I watched Modern Family (HILARIOUS!!) and Happy Endings (ahh staycations rock!) and Revenge which is just getting better and better really! Now, I'm gonna go watch the back of my eye lids...I hear they're pretty awesome!

Til next time...God bless!

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