Sunday, November 6, 2011

iNadvertantly iBecame part of the iFamily

And I'm in freakin heaven!!!!!!!

This morning the kids and I woke up slowly...sorta...DJ was up at 6 but came back to bed with me when Howie got done helping him go potty....Howie was off to go fishing in the river, and DJ went right back to sleep no problems! And slept til after 8 too! I was smart and left them each a sippy in anticipation of their waking...and they liked that. Then I got woken by Sam telling me that DJ needed my help in the bathroom...again!

We had a lovely breakfast together and then wasted time. My g/f Tiffany had told me about digital books thru the we checked it out and ended up reading 3 books together at the computer...pretty awesome!!! Its more for readers than non-readers, but they enjoyed reading books we don't have. When I get my iPad we'll be able to read them together in my chair rather than uncomfortably at the computer. Howie came home as we were reading the third one...which was my clue to start making dinner to take with us for the football game. I did that while Howie showered...then I showered and packed up clothes for the evening. 

DJ had a game at 2, so that was our first stop....he did SO good too!! Got 2 flags again and missed a couple...but he was just as proud as we were of him!!! Grandpa and Ellen were here as well as my g/f Shirah...lots of support!! He loves it too! That and the snack at the end of the game!  From here we went Avoning...would have been more, but I only had half the books I intended to have with me...not good! As we were out and about, I dropped my Blackberry out of the door handle where I had it...NOT good! The case came apart and the phone screen went white....which is never good for any phone! I took the battery out and nothing...did that a couple times actually, and no luck. It took a picture as I'd hit the wrong button at one point....and it let me know I had a facebook notification...but that was it. So once we were done with the Avoning portion of the day, we headed to Verizon to see what could be done.

I walked in with the phone and showed them how I was almost ready to cry...and he took me over to his computer and checked to see what we could do. I don't have insurance on the phone I thought I was totally screwed!! Turns out...since my number is the primary on the account, I could upgrade early and wouldn't get dinged too bad. He then toyed with me and said I could get the iPhone4 for 99.00....say WHAT!?!?!! lol I was drooling at this point! I ran out to tell Howie what was what and he said to go for we started the process of transferring all my data. Which turns out wasn't ALL of it, as my notes in the phone didn't transfer...and I'm hoping I can get them somehow. A half hour later, I was the proud owner of a beautiful white iPhone4!!!!

Then we headed to the stadium for Jake's game, but ate our dinner in the truck before heading in. No time for playing with the phone darnit! The key strokes are gonna take some getting used to...not having an actual key pad with buttons is tough on this chick! The game was PHENOMENAL!!!! Talk about a difference in play when its playoffs!! Tonite we played a team from Prairie (No clue where that is even) and they made the first TD, which makes me nervous!!! Going into half time, the score was 7-6 for them....but our boys came out of the tunnel after half time just raring to go! And killed them in the 3rd quarter!! Final score was 33-7 for us!! What a great game too!! The kids did okay for the most part...its tough for them to understand what's going on...Sam had 3 potty breaks and DJ had two...that's hard leave! 2 of the 3 times I took Sam the score changed!

They fell asleep soon after leaving the stadium as we headed to Howie's work for him to set the master clock so all the clocks change for tomorrow's Daylight Savings. The time continuum struck me as I played with my phone...literally, the ride from the stadium to the club was all of 3 minutes, I swear!! lol And the ride home was equally short! I did start feeling ill on the way home and paid attention for the last 5 miles or so to calm the swirling feeling. And now I've played with it for over an hour since being home, I'm ready for bed! Plus, I want that extra hour of sleep!!!

Til next time...God bless!

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