Friday, November 25, 2011

I could be...

One of those people who are out there shopping Black Friday....but I'm not! Thought long and hard about it tho!!

I could also be one of those who over ate the Thanksgiving feast...but I'm not!!! No siree!! I did have some pumpkin pie tho!! definitely the highlight of the meal!

I could also be one to tell you I didn't watch football, but that would be s lie!! And it wasn't that I watched it so much as it was in all day! I did catch the highlight reel for the Green Bay game...that Suh guy has issues!!

I will tell you that I'm incredibly thankful I didn't have to host Thanksgiving this year!! My responsibility was to do the veggie DJ would say "easy breezy lemon squeezy" We had wonderful food...the turkey was succulent!! Along with dressing, mashed taters, peas, corn, bread, and pickled things! I'm so proud of the kids as they ate everything but mashed potatoes AND they both tried gravy for the first time!! Samantha loved it, DJ not so much. Night and day those two are sometimes!!

All in all we had a great day with lots to be thankful for!! I'm thankful for my husband and all he endures to provide for our little family!! I'm thankful for my children and all their silly nonsense every day!!

I'm just thankful!!

And tired! The tryptophan is having a delayed affect on me ;)

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  1. Oh man! I over ate for us both. SOO good, and this weekend, I will do it all again. Then, I'm joining the gym at work! HA.


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